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Forklift Parts

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Forklifts are meant and made to take beatings, but that doesn't mean that each and every of their components will seamlessly work forever. Depending on the site conditions, various environmental factors, and type of utilization, forklifts require maintenance intervals that often include the changing of parts either because of failure or as a precaution. Keeping a forklift in a good condition ensures its high productivity, and secures the fulfillment of its critical role in sites and warehouses.

What we offer

In, you may find three main categories of forklift parts that can be used in the standard service procedures of your company. These categories are:

  • Brand New

Fresh out of the production lines, these brand new parts boast the top manufacturing and material quality that is required in demanding applications. This choice is for those who want to feel sure about their service tasks and get the most out of the manufacturer's warranty periods. All of the new parts that we market are built according to the strictest manufacturing and quality assurance standards that are adhered to by modern manufacturers, they are cross-checked for their originality, and they are stored according to their guidelines.

  • Rebuilt by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Rebuilt and checked according to the same strict standards as in new parts, these OEM-rebuilt parts are repurposed, refurbished, and polished to perfection. They are guaranteed to perform as new, up until the next service task. These also come with a limited manufacturer's warranty. The techniques used during this remanufacturing process are environmentally-friendly as there is little energy and non-renewable material required compared to building a new part, and so these parts come at a lower price. Some of these parts are re-circulated for multiple times, so this sustainable engineering approach is essentially maximized.

  • Aftermarket

Sometimes, the expertise, passion and devotion of aftermarket parts manufacturers can address need gaps that are left unfilled by the original forklift makers themselves. For this reason, offers a wide range of aftermarket products that can cover even the most specialized application requirements. Morever, and due to the production cost and marketing competitiveness factors, it is often the case that aftermarket parts boast even greater quality than the original parts. This also stems from the fact that aftermarket companies often reverse-engineer the original part and solve any weaknesses found in the process. Finally, if we notice any inconsistencies in the quality of these parts, or if we receive negative feedback from our clients, we remove these items from our inventory and refund our customers.


The brands list that can be found in our inventory comprises of the most renown and established forklift manufacturers around the globe. This list includes but is not limited to Clark, Daewoo-Doosan, TCM, Nissan, Toyota, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Yale, Hyster, and Komatsu. We cover the vast majority of the modern and older models of the aforementioned manufacturers, and even in the cases that something isn't immediately available, we can order and ship it to you at the earliest possible. We have repeatedly invited the technical representatives of these brands to visit our premises and assess our storage conditions and shipping processes themselves, so we are an officially certified distributor.

Types of Parts

Forklifts are sophisticated pieces of machinery that feature complex interrelated mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic components. We at identify this complexity and the wide range of parts that derive from it, so we do our best to cover every section of the forklift equipment &  forklift parts replacement by offering the following part categories:

Air Conditioners, ECCO, Forks - Fork Extensions, Gauges - Hour Meters, Horns - Horn Accessories, Jacks - Support Stands, Alternators, Braking & Drive Axle, Mufflers & Accessories,  Preco, Back-Up Alarms, Battery Chargers, Battery Connectors, Battery, Industrial, Bearings, Blow Out Price Items, Bushings, Cables, Chemical & Lubricants, Cooling, Curtis Instruments, Decals, Electric Pump Motors, Electrical, Engine Components, Engine Cylinder Heads, Engine Manifolds, Engine Mounts, Engines, Filters, Fire Extinguishers, Fork Pin Kits, Fuel Injection, Gas Springs, Gaskets, Gloves, Latex, Governors, Hardware, Hub Caps, Hydraulic Pumps, Ignition, Lighting / Brackets, Replacement Bulbs, Mast Leaf Chains, Mirrors, Oil Seals, Overhaul Packing Kits, PCV Valves, Pedals, Pertronix, Propane, Seating, Sensors, Starters, Steer Axle, Switches, Tilt/Reach Cylinders, Tires, Tools, Transmission, Universal, Wheels, and Wiring.

All of these parts are carefully stored and transported according to the manufacturers' guidelines and instructions, ensuring that no damage is done to the products and that no premature decay is caused due to humidity or temperatures that are outside the designated range. Moreover, we calibrate our automated pickers in such a way that the shipping cartons are delicately dealt with, and we sequence our orders in a way that no batch stays in non-storage conditions for an extended period of time. In total, we have over twenty million parts in stock at any time.

If you're not sure about what exactly you need for a service task, our dedicated parts advisor can help you by reviewing your equipment and looking up the most recent maintenance manual released by the corresponding manufacturer. This applies to even the oldest and rarest forklift equipment out there.

Understanding Forklift Parts

Forklifts, the workhorses of industries, consist of various components that ensure their efficient operation. Each part plays a vital role in lifting, moving, and carrying heavy loads, from the sturdy mast to the versatile forks. 

  • Basic Components

A forklift works like a helpful friend in a warehouse or construction site. Let's get to know its parts better. The mast is like the backbone; it lifts and lowers loads. Forks, the arms of the forklift, hold the load. The carriage is the body that holds everything together, and the tires, just like on a bike, make the forklift move around.

  • Specialized Components

Different forklifts have their own special parts. For example, a Toyota forklift might have unique parts different from a Yale or Clark forklift. It's like how different cars have parts that fit only them. The same goes for Hyster, Nissan, Mitsubishi, TCM, and Crown forklifts. Each of these brands has parts made just for their forklifts. Knowing these differences is important, especially when looking for parts for a forklift. This helps ensure that the forklift works well and stays safe.

The Role of Each Part

Each part of a forklift plays a unique role, like actors in a play working together to ensure the forklift operates efficiently and safely. From the lifting power of the forks to the stability provided by the tires, every component is vital to the forklift's overall performance.


Every part of a forklift has its own job that helps the forklift work properly. The forks are like hands; they lift and carry loads. The mast, which is the tall part, helps the forks move up and down. Think of the engine as the heart, giving power to the forklift. Tires make the forklift move, like legs walking. The brakes are important, too; they help the forklift stop safely.


It's like putting together a puzzle. Each forklift model needs the right parts to work well. If you have a Toyota forklift, you need Toyota forklift parts because they fit perfectly. It's the same for other brands like Yale, Clark, Hyster, Nissan, Mitsubishi, TCM, and Crown. Using the correct parts makes sure your forklift runs smoothly and safely. 

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance ensures that every part of your forklift, from the forks to the tires, functions at its best. Timely care and updates to parts keep your forklift running smoothly and safely.

Routine Maintenance Tips

  • Oil and Fluid Checks: Just like a bike needs oil, regularly check and top up the forklift's oil and fluids.
  • Tire Inspection: Keep an eye on the tires. Make sure they're not too worn and have enough air.
  • Fork Checks: Look at the forks often. They should be straight and strong, ready to lift.
  • Cleanliness: A clean forklift is a happy forklift. Keep it free from dirt and grime.

Replacement and Upgrades

  • When to Replace: If parts look old or broken, like a worn-out tire or a bent fork, it's time for new ones.
  • Choosing the Right Parts: For specific models, like a Toyota or Yale forklift, pick parts that fit perfectly. You can find these on our product pages.
  • Upgrading for Better Performance: Sometimes, getting newer, better parts can make your forklift work even better, like faster tires or a stronger mast.
  • Safety First: Always remember the right parts to keep your forklift safe and efficient. Check our pages for the right parts for your Clark, Hyster, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Crown or TCM forklift parts.

Safety Considerations

Ensuring the forklift is in top condition is vital for safety, requiring regular inspections and prompt attention to any wear and tear. Recognizing signs of damage or deterioration in parts like tires and forks is crucial to maintaining a safe working environment.

Importance of Regular Checks

Safety is key when using a forklift. Regular checks are like a daily health check-up. They help spot any issues before they turn into big problems. It's a good habit to often inspect the forklift's parts, like its tires, forks, and brakes. This helps keep the forklift and everyone around it safe.

Identifying Wear and Tear

Knowing when parts need a fix or a change is important. If a tire looks flat or worn, it's like a shoe with a hole – it needs replacing. If the forks are bent, or the engine makes strange noises, these are signs that they need some attention. Catching these signs early helps avoid accidents and keeps the forklift in top shape.

Affordable Prices and Quick Delivery

One of the most important factors that can determine the choice of a part reseller and distributor is the part prices and we at do everything possible to keep the prices down without compromising the provided service quality. We achieve this by applying the most efficient warehouse and logistics management methodologies, and by utilizing state of the art ERP systems to process our orders and update our inventory. In addition to this, our strategically located warehouses ensure the prompt delivery of parts anywhere in the US, so no matter where your company is located you can enjoy our services and get those needed parts as soon as possible. This is of key importance when every minute of lost productivity is translated to lost money, and we show our utmost respect to your workflow by delivering the right parts order as soon as possible.


Understanding and maintaining the different parts of a forklift is essential for ensuring its smooth and safe operation. Whether it's standard components or brand-specific ones like Toyota, Yale, Clark, Hyster, Nissa, TCM, Crown or Mitsubishi forklift parts, each plays a critical role. 

Regular maintenance, coupled with awareness of when to replace or upgrade parts, is key to prolonging the life and efficiency of your forklift. Remember, the right care and attention to each part, from the forks to the tires, not only enhances performance but also ensures safety in the workplace. Keep these tips in mind, and your forklift, no matter the brand or model, will be a reliable workhorse for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Essential Parts of a Forklift?

Every forklift has key parts like forks, a mast, a carriage, and tires. These components are crucial for the forklift's operation.

How Do I Find the Right Toyota Forklift Parts?

For Toyota forklifts, ensure you're getting parts specifically designed for your model. Check with authorized dealers or our product pages for the best match.

Are Yale Forklift Parts Interchangeable with Other Brands?

Yale forklift parts are typically unique to Yale models. Using parts from other brands can lead to safety and performance issues.

How Often Should I Replace Clark Forklift Parts?

The replacement schedule depends on usage and wear. Regular checks will help determine when parts like tires or forks need replacement.

What Makes Hyster Forklift Parts Different?

Hyster forklifts may have specific design features requiring unique parts. Always choose parts designed for Hyster models for optimal performance.

Can I Use Generic Parts for a Nissan Forklift?

It's best to use parts designed specifically for Nissan forklifts to ensure safety and efficiency.

How Do I Choose Parts for a TCM Forklift?

Selecting parts for a TCM forklift involves matching the specific requirements of the model. Consult our product pages or an expert for guidance.

Are Crown Forklift Parts Readily Available?

Yes, Crown forklift parts are widely available and can be found through our specialized product pages.

What Should I Do If I'm Unsure About Which Forklift Parts I Need?

If you're uncertain about which parts are right for your forklift, consult a professional or visit our comprehensive guide and product pages for assistance.


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