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Mast Bearings | Choosing The Right Forklift Mast Bearings & Parts 



Forklift mast bearings satisfy the primary purpose of this machine, which is to carry loads. And the masts are responsible for controlling the forks that carry these loads. The bearings will inevitably wear out if you carry out daily operations with your forklift. Sourcefy provides solutions to problems relating to the replacement of Forklift mast bearings. 

To better understand how to maintain forklift masts and their other components, operators must also have some technical knowledge of this part. This guide will help operators and owners with the types of forklift mast bearings available and their functions. Operators can also know what details are essential when buying forklift mast bearings. 

At sourcefy, we ensure you get the best deal while shopping with us. You will surely get standard products across our OEM and Aftermarket replacement parts. These parts are also available at competitive prices. They are also a few categories of products that offer free shipping for big purchases. 

So, browse our online catalog and find the various forklift mast bearings that fit your machine. You also have a chance to chat with our experts as you do check out the product pages.  


Mast bearing for forklifts


 The purpose of forklift bearings is vital to these industrial machines. Forklifts are designed to lift loads from one place to another, and it uses its mast to actualize this process. These forklift mast bearings are essential mast parts that help to control the movement of the forks.  


The roller type of forklift mast bearings


Types Of  Forklift Mast Bearings 

The primary use of forklift mast bearings is to control the forks and carry loads in various stages of extending the mast. Each type of bearing on the carriage (forks) plays a role in lifting the mast. So, here are the types of forklift bearings and their function in controlling the carriage. 


The different types of forklift mast bearings


Mast Guide Bearings

This bearing guides the mast through the first stage as the forks move upwards during operation. It also acts as the connection between the carriage and mast rails. So, it ensures the operator enjoys a smooth extension of this mast through each stage. 


Forklift mast bearings


Carriage Bearings

This bearing enables lateral or sideways movement of the fork as it moves upwards. That is why you can find this bearing along the horizontal rail of forklift masts. 

Side Thrust Rollers

The side thrust rollers transfer lateral movement of the load to the mast. So, this roller guides the vertical movement and avoids twisting or bending when the forklift’s mast moves from one stage to the other. 


New forklift mast bearings (roller)


Best purchase deals for  Forklift Mast Bearings (side rollers)


Chain Roller 

The chain roller bearing allows the mast to move upwards and downwards during operation. 

Combined Roller Bearings

These forklift bearings combine guide forklift bearings and side thrust rollers. A forklift bearing assembly like this is responsible for controlling both vertical and lateral movement. 

These types of forklift rollers are essential for different movements and directions of the masts during operation. So, when using the carriage in a warehouse, industry, or anywhere, this component must all be functioning. 


The combine roller forklift mast bearings


Component Of Forklift Mast Roller Bearings

These parts are designed with various other parts, which can also help to keep it held together and tight. Here are some vital parts that forklift bearings have; 

Outer Rings

This part helps to facilitate the movement of your forklift’s mast bearings upwards and downwards during the operation. That is because they act as the wheels to keep the carriage in the rails and avoid misalignment. 


The seals are designed to close the forklift bearings and prevent grease from escaping. It is usually made from metal or rubber, and sometimes both. 


Balls or rollers are part of the bearing component that oscillates while carrying heavy loads. And this is especially applicable to mast forklift bearings that raise and lowers the load.  

Forklift Bearings Maintenance

Forklift mast bearings require lubrication to work at an optimum performance level. Also, avoiding contamination is vital, which is why the bearing sealing component is crucial. Not only does it prevent contamination, but seals can also ensure that the grease does not escape. 

Lubricating The Balls/Roller Bearings

The lubrication of forklift mast bearings is essential for the efficiency of this system. This action help to minimize the friction between the internal sliding surfaces and the forklift bearings. 

There are two common lubricating agents you can use–grease or oil. And both are capable of doing the job. However, they also come with some side effects. 

Grease: Using grease as a lubricant is effective, but it requires oil to perform the lubrication. The oil does the main job, while the grease acts as a base to make it thicker and dense. 

Using grease is efficient as you do not worry about leaks, as it improves the sealing of this system. However, high-temperature grease can also be more expensive to purchase. And changing it to replenish can be more tasking than oil. 

Oil: Oil lubricant is simple ad easy-flowing, so it can also lubricate other components. It also takes less stress to drain and replenish. Although it can easily leak out, oil lubricants are better suited for high temperatures. 

Oil lubrication is the advisable method to get the best performance. Here is why; 

  • Oil lubrication helps to maintain a static oil level in the bearing housing.

  • It prevents any problems associated with excess oil in the system. 

  • This lubricant is also suitable for high-speed applications as it can help reduce heat during high-temperature operations. 

Nevertheless, the crucial guideline is the manufacturer’s specification for applying the lubricant. 


What Happens When A Forklift Mast Bearing Is Bad?

The mast can face several issues with a faulty bearing. Forklift masts could get jammed and become unable to move. Another common problem with this component is mast drift which can cause it to fall to the ground.

Mast forklift bearings can also develop issues due to poor lubrication or sealing, which affects the carriage's performance. Regardless, the carriage and forks must also be lubricated for better operation. 

Lubricating Forklift Carriage and Forks

The carriage and forks need to be lubricated sometimes for better performance. Add grease to the upper carriage forklift bearings and bushings to do this. 



Also, the forks need to be lubricated at the upper and lower fork bar. And spread the grease across the channels so that it is well coated.


Factors To Consider When Buying Forklift Mast Bearings

When buying forklift mast bearings, you have to consider the following factors; 

  • The make of the forklift truck is the first thing to note when identifying forklift rollers. 

  • Part numbers from brands

  • The dimensions. i.e., the width of the outer rings, length of the shafts, etc. 

  • Check the shape and whether or not it uses rollers or balls inside. 


Want to replace your forklift mast bearings? Check out the video below;


Why Choose Sourcefy to Buy Forklift Mast Bearings? 

Sourcefy helps customers and businesses find suitable forklift parts for running their business smoothly. With about a decade of experience in this space, we offer brand-new, rebuilt OEM and Aftermarket products for forklifts and lift trucks. You can trust us to handle your part needs and help you get the suitable components to keep your forklift at its best performance. At Sourcefy, we offer the following; 

A Wide Variety of Forklift Mast Bearings

If you are worried about getting a mast bearing that fits your forklift truck, say no more. Our range of mast bearings gives you a better chance of getting what you want. Customers can also check out with our expert parts technicians to know the various models that a part fits in. 

Great Prices

Sourcefy understands customers’ desire to get the best deal on purchases and how prices are one of their priorities. So, we offer competitive pricing on our battery connectors and other cable components. 

Many customers want high-quality products that are also available at affordable prices. Sourcefy provides the solution to these desires, so you do not have to worry about getting high-standard products. 

Customer Service

People always look for the best experience when shopping online, and our customer support team will give you confidence and assurance. You can reach out to them via the customer care chat, and a toll-free line bridges the gaps. That means you can monitor the status of your orders and reach out if you need to return or cancel. 


We know that customers love to track their orders and get quick delivery. At sourcefy, you do not have to wait for weeks to get your products. Also, if you make an order before 2:00 pm Eastern time, your package will be shipped the same day. And delivery takes about 3-9 business days.



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