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Engine Manifolds

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Buy Original Engine Manifolds At Sourcefy 

Table of Contents

  • Summary 
  • Forklift Engine Manifolds
  • Sections Of Engine Manifolds 
    • Intake Manifold 
    • Exhaust Manifold 
  • Parts Of Intake Manifolds 
  • Common Problems Of Engine Manifolds 
  • How To Maintain The Engine Manifold 
  • Most Reliable Platform To Purchase Engine Manifolds 
    • Wide catalog
    • Competitive Prices
    • Fast Delivery
    • Responsive Customer Support   


Engine manifolds act as the respiratory system of a forklift. They deliver the air-fuel mixture to the cylinders (intake) and out of the vehicle through the exhaust.  

The manifolds are further divided into two, the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold. Each sub-manifold comprises various parts and ensures the manifold can take in the air-fuel mixture, distribute it, and release the burnt mixture as fumes. 

Conversely, getting high-quality and durable engine manifolds and their parts can be difficult once they develop a fault. If you find yourself in this situation, then you are in luck. This comprehensive guide includes details of the most reliable platform to purchase a new engine manifold or any parts for your vehicle. 

Sourcefy provides quality OEM and aftermarket engine manifolds, including aftermarket intake and exhaust parts. Our catalog contains the best products and accessories from various brands to ensure shoppers always have options. 


Aftermarket Engine Manifold From Sourcefy



In addition, your budget should be manageable since our prices are competitive and affordable to accommodate every forklift owner. We understand how frustrating online delivery can be and prioritize every customer with an instant delivery process. Why are you waiting? Order from Sourcefy to get the best products at unbeatable prices. 

Forklift Engine Manifolds

Full View Of A Forklift Engine Manifold


Engine manifolds are tube-like structures linked to the cylinder head of a vehicle for the passage of the air-fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinders. The manifolds are also responsible for releasing fumes from the vehicle through the exhaust pipes. 

Manifolds are usually made from cast iron or aluminum to ensure they can last long and withstand the high temperature of the vehicle and exhaust fumes. The operation begins when air from the throttle housing body mixes with fuel from the carburetor and proceeds to the intake manifolds for even distribution to the cylinders. 

Afterward, the other section (exhaust manifold) connected to the cylinders collects the burnt gases from the exhaust ports and deposits them in the main exhaust passage system. 

Here is an interesting video to help you further understand the operation of the engine manifold of a vehicle. 



Sections Of Engine Manifolds 

An engine manifold is made up of two sections to perform its function effectively. The first section is known as the intake manifold, while the other is known as the exhaust manifold. 

Intake Manifold 

Images of a Forklift Intake Manifold


The intake manifold is the initial section of the engine manifolds that allow the in-flow of air and fuel for mixture and distribution to the cylinder. Most forklifts run on a 4-stroke cycle engine connected by a single valve to the carburetor to intake the air-fuel mixture. 

Exhaust Manifold 

The appearance of a Forklift Exhaust Manifold


On the other hand, the exhaust manifold is connected to the other side of the cylinders and collects the exhaust gases after ignition. It then passes the collected burnt gases to the other parts of the vehicle’s exhaust system

Parts Of Intake Manifolds 

 Internal View Of Intake Manifold Parts



Although the intake manifold parts are numerous, many of the parts are combined and work hand-in-hand with one another. From the exterior, only the plenum (box-like part) and runners (tube-like structures) are visible in most vehicles. The interior of the intake manifold has a vital standalone part known as the air intake manifold gasket

Forklift Air Intake Manifold Gasket


The overall performance of the intake manifold depends significantly on the quality of the air intake manifold gasket. Other interior parts include: 

  • The Brace 

  • Intake Air Heater 

  • The Bolt 

  • The Intake Plug 

  • The O-ring and so on 

Common Problems Of Engine Manifolds 

Leaks And Carbon Buildup In The Engine Manifold


Many problems with the engine manifolds usually arise from a damaged intake manifold gasket and inadequate exhaust removal. Some of these problems include: 

  • Leaks: This problem is often experienced when the intake manifold gaskets are damaged. Leaks can occur in the form of coolant leaks or vacuum leaks. And this might result in overheating of the intake manifold since coolant leaks are inevitable when air meant to cool the intake manifold escapes from the coolant passages. In contrast, vacuum leaks occur when oxygen from the throttle escapes. 

  • Excessive Carbon Build-up: When the exhaust gases are not taken out from the engine manifolds, it may result in excess carbon buildup. This issue can lead to serious engine misfiring, lack of power, and smoking. You can avoid this problem by cleaning the manifolds, but in some cases, the engine manifolds may be replaced.

  • Overheating: Since leaks in the engine manifolds, the engine will not cool down properly and heats up regularly. You will notice that the engine check light comes up frequently. 


How To Maintain The Engine Manifold 

Maintenance of a forklift engine manifold



The engine manifold is unlike other parts of the forklift since it has many parts that are almost inaccessible during regular checkups. Due to this, engine manifolds are best replaced when they develop faults. 

Nevertheless, you can ensure that the engine manifold of your forklift remains in good condition by:

  • Cleaning the forklift engine regularly 

  • Regular lubrication of screwed parts and other parts vulnerable to rust 

  • Regular inspection of the engine manifold for leaks and other damages

  • Replacement of damaged parts as soon as they are discovered 

  • Regular car servicing.  

Most Reliable Platform To Purchase Engine Manifolds 

Sourcefy is one of the best platforms to purchase engine manifolds and other forklift accessories online. However, if you are not entirely convinced about Sourcefy, here are some of the reasons hundreds of thousands of shoppers trust us: 

Wide catalog

Our catalog contains engine manifolds and accessories of various global brands. We ensure everyone can access the OEM and aftermarket engine manifold models needed for their forklift anywhere in the world. 

You can also find other forklift parts besides engine manifolds in our catalog. Why wait? Check out our catalog now.

Competitive Prices

You do not have to break the bank whenever your forklift develops an issue. That is why we ensure every product is listed at the best prices at Sourcefy. 

Our watchword is simply "pay less for the best quality." 

Fast Delivery

Waiting for weeks and months to get your orders can be so frustrating. We can only imagine the money and contracts that will be lost. Sadly, the wait is not necessary. 

Sourcefy works towards alleviating the situation and ships out orders the same day you place the orders. We have a track record of delivery of 3-9 business days, depending on your location. 

Responsive Customer Support

Our customer support team is always on deck to assist you on our platform. You can contact them through the live chat feature at the top right corner of your screen or the free hotline.



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