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Engine Mounts

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Forklift Engine Mounts



An Engine mount is very vital in forklift engines or any vehicle. This component keeps the engine and transmission mount together. That is because the engine and transmission of your vehicle are bolted together. So, this part helps to ensure that the engine is well-tight and does not move around when the vehicle is in motion. 

Damage to this component can lead to danger or severe problems in your vehicle. Engine mounts are made of different materials. Most vehicles have two to three engine mounts that hold this system together. 

Two Forklift Engine mounts


You should know a few things when buying a note when buying a mount. And this guide will help you find the best engine mount to keep your vehicle running smoothly. 

At Sourcefy, we provide customers with the highest quality and durable parts. You can choose from our list of Aftermarket and OEM parts. Our online catalog also boasts a handful of varieties. So, you have a high chance of getting something that perfectly fits your forklift. 


One Forklift Engine Mount



Forklift Engine Mount

Forklift mounts are a vital part of your engine component. This component connects to the frame of the forklift’s engine. It also acts as a support to hold the engine in place while it is running. The purpose of this mount is to absorb vibrations and shocks when the forklift is moving. And this helps in reducing stress on the engine, which ensures safety that prevents the engine from falling off. 


Two forklift engine mounts - image2



What Are The Functions Of A Forklift Engine Mount?

Mounts are essential in the engine of most vehicles and not just forklifts. They are helpful in various ways. However, the primary functions of a forklift engine mount include the following;

  • Forklift mounts help to support the engine.

  • They also absorb vibrations and shocks

  • Mounts are effective in isolating noise and vibrations from the engine.

  • It also maintains the engine alignment of the vehicle. 


What Are The Parts Of A Forklift Engine Mount?

Mounts are designed for different models and forklift engines. The parts of engine mounts vary with the materials that the manufacturers use. Although rubber materials are more efficient in mounts, other parts of this component include the following; 

  1. Mounting brackets are metal brackets attached to the forklift's frame and hold the engine mount in place.

  2. Bushings: These rubber or polyurethane components act as cushions and absorb vibrations and shocks.

  3. Bolts: Mounting bolts secure the engine mount to the mounting brackets and hold them in place.

Engine mounting bolts for forklift

  1. Engine plate: These plates are usually made from carbon steel or aluminum. The metal plate in this component is attached to the engine as they prevent engine movement back and forth. 

The designs of a forklift engine mount vary depending on the model/make of the forklift, but these are the essential components that make up most engine mounts.


plates and brackets for forklift engine mounts

What Are The Common Causes Of Forklift Engine Mount Problems? 

Several reasons can lead to problems in forklift engine mounts. But some of the common causes include

  1. Worn-out components: The rubber components of the engine mount will wear down and become soft after some time. This situation can lead to engine mount failure.

  2. Harsh Temperature Conditions: High temperatures, especially those coming from the engine, can cause the rubber components to deteriorate and weaken.

  3. Accidents: Problems such as accidents and collisions can cause damage to the engine mount.

  4. Poor Engine mount installation: Improper or poor engine mount installation will cause it to shift over time. And this can lead to further problems. 

  5. Corrosion: Rusting and weakening of metals by corrosive elements are common in components such as engine mounts. 


Forklift operators should always inspect the engine mount and other forklift components to detect and address these problems. Detecting these problems earlier and making repairs or replacements can help prevent costly expenses in the future. 


5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Forklift Engine Mount

Getting the right part for your forklift would involve some basic knowledge. As forklifts come in different brands and models, so does the part’s compatibility differs. So, before changing your forklift engine mount, consider these factors into consideration;

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the engine mount perfectly fits or is compatible with your forklift. 

  2. Quality: Always look for high-quality engine mounts that meet industry standards and your needs. And assures all of these. 

  3. Price: You must consider the cost of the engine mount before buying from any supplier. Also,  compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you get a good value. 

  4. The supplier’s reputation: Ensure the suppliers have a reputable record of delivering high-quality engine mounts and offering excellent customer service.

  5. Consultation services: When you buy parts from another supplier, you should ensure that they have expert consultation services to help you make the right decisions. 


Considering these factors, you can find a high-quality engine mount that meets your needs and provides reliable performance for your forklift. So, if you are looking for a place that offers expertise in these factors, is your best choice.

Engine mount bracket for forklift


Why You Should Buy Your Forklift Engine Mount From Sourcefy

Sourcefy offers some of the best deals when shopping for your forklift parts. We have many benefits that you can enjoy if you shop with us.

Wide Range Of Products

Sourcefy offers you several options; there are various forklift engine mounts, so you have a great chance of picking the one that fits your vehicle. You can look at different components and parts of this system when browsing through this category. 

Competitive Pricing

Getting amazing pricing and going home with the best deal is what customers want. And at Sourcefy, we provide competitive prices, which means you do not have to spend more if you shop with us. 

Expert Advice

If you need guidance on buying the right product, Sourcefy is always available to help. Our customer service team can assist customers with vital information about what product would fit their needs. This process is easy with the live chat feature on our site. 


Customers do not have to worry about waiting weeks to get their products. With Sourcefy, you can get same-day shipping as you place your orders. You can also keep track of your delivery through our support services. 

Return Policy

Another exciting aspect of working with Sourcefy is that you can return the products if they do not fit your vehicle. This guarantee is open for up to 30 days after placing your order. 


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