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Fuel Injection

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Fuel Injection: Purchase Good Spare Parts For Your Vehicle's Injection System At Competitive Prices 



For an engine to work efficiently, it must take in enough fuel for combustion. Carburetors carried out this process in old vehicles before the need for more engine productivity arose. 

The Fuel Injection system was then employed in the latest vehicles to provide a more controlled supply of fuel to the cylinders, thus, improving the efficiency and performance of the vehicle's engine. 

Conversely, many fuel injection system parts wear out and require frequent replacement. And this is a big issue if you know little about purchasing durable spare parts for your forklift online. 

Consequently, this comprehensive guide provides a breakdown of how the fuel ignition system of a forklift works. It also recommends Sourcify as the best platform to purchase spare parts for your forklift fuel injection system at the best price.


What Is Fuel Injection? 

Parts; Forklift fuel Injection System


Fuel injection is the process by which fuel is supplied to the internal combustion engine of a vehicle. This function was performed by carburetors before the fuel injection system became widely used in modern vehicles. 

Unlike the carburetor, the fuel injection system atomizes fuel through a small nozzle under high pressure. This system propelled several developments in the performance of automobile engines. Some of these include:

  • It has enhanced engine performance, eliminated noise, and reduced vehicle emissions.

  • It has allowed for more precise and balanced fuel distribution to the cylinders. 

  • It has ensured the proper metering of fuel supplied to the engine. 


How Does The Injection System Work? 

Forklift fuel injection system- Working sketch



The fuel injection system relies on its components to work well. Each part or component performs a specific role to ensure fuel is injected into the cylinders proportionally. 

For the fuel injection process to occur, the injector is pressurised, and fuel is squeezed through an electromagnetic plunger. Before releasing the fuel, the nozzle will also atomize with air to produce a fine mixture of air and fuel, as this will ensure the fuel can be burnt easily by the spark plugs. 

This system always has a fuel supply as long as the injector remains open. However, to avoid excess fuel injection, the fuel injector is controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This unit opens and closes the injector at intervals and controls airflow and other essential stages in fuel injection. 

Types Of Fuel Injection Systems

There are two types of forklift fuel injection systems. These are: 

Single-Point or Throttle Body Fuel Injection System

Type of Forklift fuel injection



The Single-Point injection system was the immediate replacement of carburetors. In this system, the fuel injector has one or two nozzles that pass fuel to the cylinders. However, the nozzles are placed far from the cylinders, leaving room for leakage and inadequate fuel supply. 

The modern injection system became a remedy to tackle this leakage problem. 


Multipoint or Port Fuel Injection System

Types of Fuel Injection


The multipoint fuel injection system is the modern type and best for fuel injection. In this system, the injector of the forklift has nozzles in each cylinder to ensure that fuel is supplied directly to them and eliminates leakage. 

This component is further divided into Sequential Fuel Injection and Direct Fuel Injection.


Parts Of The Fuel Injection System 

Labelled Parts of a forklift fuel injection



The fuel injection system comprises many parts that allow fuel flow to the cylinder. Some parts operate under low pressure and are known as "Low-pressure Components," while others operate under high pressure and are called "High-pressure Components." 

Here are some of the main parts of the fuel injection system: 

  • The Fuel tank: This acts as a storage for fuel in the vehicle and begins the injection process by supplying the fuel needed. 

  • The Fuel pump: The fuel pump dispenses the fuel from the tank out at intervals to keep the injection process running.  

  • The Injection pump: This component is needed to gauge the fuel and pressurize it. This part is a meter and pressurized fuel for injection.

Forklift Fuel Injection Pump


  • Fuel filter: The fuel filter is primarily needed to remove dirt and other foreign particles from the fuel. This ensures that the various parts of the ignition system can operate effectively. 

  • The Governor: This part ensures the supplied fuel is sufficient to generate enough power for the vehicle’s activities. 

  • Fuel injector: This is the most crucial part of the fuel injection system since it distributes the fuel-air mixture to the cylinders. It is also made up of various parts to carry out its functions. 

Forklift Fuel Injection Components

Problem Of Fuel Injectors

 Forklift Fuel Injection problems



The fuel injection is a crucial part of the injection system and can quickly develop a fault after working for a long time. A faulty fuel injector can affect the overall performance of your forklift's engine, bringing about a series of engine issues and might eventually knock the engine. 

The following are common ways to detect a faulty fuel injector: 

  • Poor engine performance.

  • Delay before starting. 

  • High fuel consumption. 

  • High exhaust emission.

  • Loud noise from the engine. 

  • Leakage of fuel. 

Once you notice any of the above-listed issues, you should contact your forklift mechanic and be ready to get a better replacement on our recommended platform. 


Common Fix For A Bad Fuel Injector 

Since it is constantly in use, you must know that preventing the fuel injector from developing a fault is quite impossible. However, its lifespan can be longer through proper maintenance. 

You should endeavor to check the fuel filter to remove dirt and other accumulated particles, as they can find their way to the injector and cause issues. 

A chemical approach can also be adopted, such as using fuel cleansers, addictives, or servicing routines involving ultrasonic cleaning. 


Keep Your Engine Running With Sourcefy Parts

The best platform to purchase good fuel injection parts such as injectors, fuel filters, fuel pumps, and so for your forklift is Sourcify. The platform has developed its reputation as one of the best online automobile dealers and offers the following benefits: 

  • Fast delivery: Sourcefy delivers orders as soon as they are placed. The maximum delivery period is within nine business days, depending on your location. 

  • Competitive Prices: This is the selling point of Sourcefy and should be of great interest to you. Sourcefy’s forklift parts are available at the best prices on the internet. 

  • Wide Range Of Catalog: You can get various categories of forklift parts on Sourcefy. Just type it into the search box and place your order. 

  • Expert Customer Support: The customer support team is always available to help you if you face any issues while placing orders on Sourcefy. 


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