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Buyer’s Guide To Forklift Sensors



Forklift sensors are one of the most vital parts of a forklift system. There are essential in internal combustion systems as they help to regulate the air-fuel mixture at accurate levels required to keep the engine running. 

However, it can be challenging to know which of these sensors might be causing inefficiency in the running of the engine. This guide promises to show you how all the sensors work and how to maintain them to avoid further damage. 

Sourcefy’s expertise in part selling would also be valuable if you want to change any sensors in your forklift. We have some of the best brand-new, OEM, and Aftermarket replacement parts that can give long-lasting answers to any damaged component. 

You can easily shop by browsing our online catalog and finding thousands of other products available. Sourcefy gives you the best of benefits and economy, so you can get quality while saving money as we offer competitive prices. 


Forklift sensors detect and measure various aspects of a forklift's operation, such as fuel level, coolant, temperature, and acceleration. These sensors help to improve the safety, efficiency, and accuracy of forklift operations by providing real-time data to the operator and other stakeholders. Some common types of forklift sensors include;


New forklift sensor


Forklift sensors can be used in various applications, including warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. They can be integrated with other systems, such as warehouse and fleet management systems, to provide a comprehensive view of forklift operations and improve overall efficiency.

Forklift sensors are electronic devices that detect the level of specific components in the vehicle’s engine. This part communicates with the vehicle’s computer to pass the information on fluid, oxygen, coolant, or fuel levels. Sensors are crucial to enhancing the performance of a forklift truck or any vehicle. 


  Forklift sensors for filters


How Do Forklift Detection Systems Work?

Sensors are applicable in various components of a forklift truck. They also work to ensure the respective systems perform at their optimum level. For example, a  forklift sensor helps detect any faults in the machine and automatically alerts the operator to take action.

The fuel, temperature, or throttle sensors are used to detect any malfunction in the forklift, from low oil to coolant levels, so that further damage can be prevented.

Types Of Forklift Sensors

 Forklift sensors are different as their functions cut across various components of a vehicle’s engine or electrical system. Here are some major types of sensors in a forklift truck. 

Fuel Sensors

A fuel sensor is used to detect the level of fuel in the tank. The sensor sends this information to the vehicle's computer, which uses this detail to facilitate the air-fuel mixture needed for engine combustion. Fuel sensors are usually installed on the top of the fuel tank, and some models have theirs placed under the vehicle.

Fuel pressure sensors for  forklift engines



If a forklift's fuel sensor goes wrong, the vehicle cannot detect the fuel level in the tank. And this could cause the vehicle to run out of fuel while moving or result in engine damage due to the poor air-fuel mixture.

Types of forklift sensors


Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor is a device that can be used to monitor the level of oxygen in exhaust gases. Oxygen sensors also detect the failure of other components, such as catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and fuel injectors. In addition to providing information on engine performance issues, oxygen sensors can also help identify leaks in your exhaust systems which may cause your vehicle’s emissions system not to work correctly.

Best deals for Forklift oxygen sensors



Signs of a bad oxygen sensor include poor gas mileage, misfires, check engine light on, hesitation when accelerating, and a drop in power. To fix the problem you can replace the sensor or your entire exhaust system to fix the problem.

Coolant Sensor

The temperature sensor helps the engine maintain its optimal operating temperature, which is necessary for proper performance. If a vehicle's coolant sensor fails, it will cause a balanced fuel calculation and affect the system's performance.


 Coolant Temperature Sensors for forklifts


A failing coolant sensor can also lead to poor fuel consumption, a misfiring engine, and rough idling. To fix the problem you can replace the sensor or your entire cooling system to fix the problem.

Water Temperature Sensor

A water temperature sensor monitors a vehicle's engine temperature. These forklift sensors are connected to the engine's coolant system and communicate with the ECU.  It determines the engine temperature and improves engine performance by detecting overheating, low coolant levels, or faults with certain parts of your vehicle's cooling system.

New Forklift sensors



A bad water temperature sensor in a forklift engine can lead to problems with your engine's performance and overall health. When the sensor is faulty, it will send incorrect readings to the ECU and cause various issues. 

For example, if your water temperature sensor is bad or broken, your forklift may not start up or have difficulty running. You might also discover problems concerning fuel efficiency and engine temperature control.

Throttle Position Sensor

This device controls how open the valve should be before sending air into the engine intake manifold. A faulty throttle position sensor will cause your forklift to run poorly and possibly stall out. If your throttle position sensor is bad or broken, you may also experience problems with acceleration and braking. This can be dangerous, mainly if you use your forklift in a warehouse or other environment with people.


Sensors for Throttle position systems


The throttle position sensor is also known as an accelerator pedal position sensor. This device detects how far the driver has pushed down on the gas pedal and sends this information to the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU then adjusts fuel-air delivery based on that input, making for smoother acceleration and better fuel economy.


Maintenance Of Forklift Sensors

Maintaining forklift sensors is essential, as it ensures you get accurate readings from your machines. Here are the steps to take:

  • Keep them clean: If the sensor is dirty or dusty, it can affect its readings. You should regularly clean all the sensors so they’re always working correctly and giving you accurate information about your equipment.

  • Check them regularly for damage: The last thing you want is for a sensor to fail during a critical operation. It’s vital to check the sensors before using a particular machine; if there's any damage or flaws in them (e.g., loose wiring), they need replacing immediately to avoid accidents.

  • You can also test these sensors using a multimeter or voltmeter, which will tell you if they're functioning correctly.

Why Choose Sourcefy To Buy Forklift Sensors

Buying Forklift sensors from Sourcefy is a great way to keep your components running as we ensure you get the best parts. So, verify that all your forklift safety sensors are in good working order. If they're not, replace them immediately. Sourcefy’s online catalog is the best option for you because we offer; 

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Customer Satisfaction

While others are only concerned about having a good customer service team, we took a step ahead by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our customer support is always available to help you regardless of the situation. You can get in touch via the various channels we have provided on our platform. Note that our toll lines are free to reach. 


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