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All You Need To Know About Buying A Forklift Starter



The forklift starter is an essential component of a forklift. A good forklift starter is crucial to keep your forklift running effectively and safely. The starter, as the name implies, is the component of the engine that kicks everything off.

It starts the forklift's engine. The engine continues to run on its power after the starter provides the initial burst of power. The starter transforms the engine's electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy.

This comprehensive guide gives you a detailed overview of a forklift starter, how it works, its components, how to know when your forklift starter is bad, the reasons why your forklift is not starting, and when you should change your forklift starter.

Also, we at Sourcefy can answer your questions when you need to change the starter. You can browse our website to see our long list of starters and other forklift parts. You will get high-quality, durable OEM and Aftermarket replacement parts to run your industrial vehicles smoothly. 

So, to enjoy the benefits, we have to offer, enter Sourcefy’s online catalog and out from our wide range of forklift starters.  


What Is A Forklift Starter?

Image of a new Forklift Starter


A forklift starter is the first point in the Ignition system and the unit in your vehicle that turns on the engine.

When you turn the keys, the engine cranks and a few other internal processes are involved during this operation. This process is common in internal combustion systems as it involves the basics of the air-fuel mixture. 

How Does A Forklift Starter Work?

When you turn on the forklift, it allows the flow of air into the engine. This process also allows for fuel flow so that combustion can occur. Before this, the pinion at the starter and the flywheel must meet through electromagnetism. This process spins the engine over and permits air and fuel suction that starts the forklift.  The pinion and the flywheel disengage immediately after the engine turns on. 

Components Of A Forklift Starter 

A forklift starter consists of different components that help to start the engine. They are;

  1. Armature

Image of a Forklift Starter Armature


A Starter armature is a soft iron core wrapped around several windings attached to the drive shaft.  This component is the electromagnet in this system. 

  1. Armature Coils

These coils – usually two or four— are part of the armature that creates the magnetic field in the system.

  1. Commutator

This part is found on the rear of the starter motor. Its function is to provide electricity to the armature. 

  1. Brushes

The brushes are another part of the commutator. It also conducts electricity but performs this function to the electromagnet at the back of the starter motor housing. 

  1. Plunger

The plunger is connected to the battery and solenoid. And it engages the pinion during electromagnetism. 

Images of a new Forklift Starter Brushes


  1. Solenoid

The solenoid connects the starter motor to the forklift’s battery and feeds the system with electric current.  

  1. Lever Fork

The lever forks are also connected to the plunger. So, they both push the pinion to activate the combustion.

  1. Pinion

The pinion consists of springs and gears. When you turn on the starter, the gears are extended, and the flywheel is engaged to start the combustion. 


How Do I Know If A Forklift Starter Is Bad?

Forklift starters can go wrong or fail, resulting in the engine not turning on. To know whether or not a forklift not starting has to do with the starter. You have to know the signs of a faulty one. 

Here are some signs you should watch out for

  • When you start the key and hear a grinding noise, it is likely associated with the drive gear not engaging with the flywheel.

  • The engine not cranking is also a sign that the flywheel is not engaging with the starter gear. In this case, you will likely need a forklift starter replacement to solve this issue. 

  • Smoke is another sign of a poor connection between the battery and the starter. This problem could also be due to a broken solenoid. 

These problems mentioned above are some significant problems with a bad forklift starter. 

However, you should also take into consideration some forklift pre-start checklists. 

These checklists involve the routine checks you must do before starting the vehicle. So, you should always check the engine oil, radiator coolant levels, belts and hoses, air filter, and braking systems. 

Why Is My Forklift Not Starting?

There might be a variety of causes for your forklift not to start. The external environment may be affecting your truck, but it is more probable that anything is wrong with the vehicle's battery or engine.

It might be a simple remedy or a major problem that needs the skills of an engineer. Continue reading to learn about the most common reasons for a forklift malfunction and see if you can pinpoint the issue.

  1. Battery Problems

Indications of Forklift starter and battery issues


If you turn the key and there is no engine sound, simply a clicking, the problem is most likely with the battery. First, ensure that the battery is fully charged and correctly attached. You may try recharging the battery, but it may need to be replaced if it doesn't work.

  1. The Influence of Cold Temperatures

Image of a  Forklift starter in winter



Forklifts sitting in the cold might develop problems, especially LPG and electric types. Low temperatures might cause the battery electrolyte to thicken and fail. A weaker battery can also influence LPG fuel, and in low temperatures, regulators can also freeze.

Due to rough starts, gas and diesel forklifts consume more fuel at cold temperatures. When the vehicle is running low or empty, condensation can form in the tank, causing the engine to stutter and fail when started.

Prevent this by doing the following:

  • Forklifts should be stored indoors or under a shelter.

  • Before using the engine, it should be warmed up.

  • The forklift should be used regularly to avoid sitting out in the cold for a lengthy period.

  • Keeping the vehicles fueled.


  1. Emergency Power  Turned Off

Forklifts have an emergency stop button mounted. If this was triggered the last time you used the vehicle, it must be deactivated before the forklift can restart.

When Should You Change Your Forklift Starter?

What would you do if your forklift suddenly stopped working? If your starter fails for any reason, this is a serious possibility. When this happens, your forklift's engine will not be able to turn over. You must replace the starter with a similar module with the same fitting as the original part in the engine.

A few indicators can tell you that your forklift starter needs to be replaced or repaired.


This might occur when the gadget matures and is repeatedly used for your powerhouse. If they burn out, you lose the required combustion. Because the gasoline will not ignite in this instance, there will be no motion in the engine, and the forklift will not turn over.

While normal operations occur, keep an ear out for any unusual clicking noises. This indicates that the battery is running low. These clicking sounds may occur because there isn't enough battery power to create enough spark, but there is still enough power for the starter to at least cycle.

A banging is another sign. It implies that when you activate the starter, the engine does not start. In this situation, you're merely activating the starter in vain, which will not initiate combustion.

Regular maintenance and voltmeter inspections can help extend the life of a forklift starter.

Always check the voltage at which your forklift starter operates for the best operations. Examine all of the other components connected to your engine regularly.

Brand new Forklift starter rebuild kit


Why Choose Sourcefy to Buy Forklift Starters?

Choosing Sourcefy to get your starters and other forklift parts will be a great choice as we are reliable in giving you the best shopping experience. Shopping at Sourcefy offers various benefits, such as;

A Wide Range of Products

Our product catalog is stocked with high-quality forklift parts that fit different brands and models. So, you can search our site with the part number of the product you want. You can also consult with our experts through the chat feature if you need more information about compatible models or any other details. 

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

With years of experience in this industry, we have satisfied thousands of customers, providing quality delivery for their machines. You can count on us to deliver by providing you with parts that will ensure your satisfaction. 

Quick Delivery.

Customers always need to be more relaxed about having o wait for weeks for their orders. Due to this, we ship out orders made before 2:00 pm (EST) the same day and have a specific delivery period of 3-9 business days.



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