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Industrial Seal Kits

Industrial Seal Kits

The success of every activity in an industrial environment relies heavily on the efficiency of the means used in the process. A large part of this efficiency is located in the uninterrupted, seamless, and high-performing output of the production machines that undertake the various roles and tasks in the production process. These machines need to be in top form in order to yield high production rates with the lowest possible wear. Modern machinery uses materials and manufacturing processes that are deeply sophisticated, so they usually stay operational and efficient for many decades as long as they receive regular maintenance according to the maker's specifications and guidelines.

One of the most critical parts of this maintenance jobs are the sealing elements. These parts include bearing isolators, hydraulic seals, o-rings, shaft and gasket seals, wear sleeves, special wipers, etc. All of these serve the same purpose of preventing the admission of debris and impurities inside the area where the mechanical work takes place, or in some cases remove it from these chambers. This role is critical as it directly affects the machine wear rate, the frequency of machine failures, the cost of service over the lifetime of a piece of production equipment, the downtime frequency, and duration. Moreover, poorly sealed equipment can heat up due to excessive friction between the moving parts and also increase its operation sound levels making the work environment unsafe and uncomfortable.

A properly sealed machine will stay free from leaks, free from vibrations and noise, free from overheating, free from material decay due to the presence of impurities and corrosive agents, but most importantly safe to work with. For all the above reasons, sealing kits that are made to match the specifications of industrial equipment manufacturers are a standard item in the service parts lists of all industrial units out there.

Our Brands and Storage Standards

In online catalog, you can find industrial seal kits from thirty-three carefully selected manufacturers. The brands that we market include renown manufacturers like Caterpillar and Clark, while we also offer products of less known manufacturers who excel in the field by producing top quality seals that are suitable for the most demanding industrial applications. We have selected our seal kit suppliers based on their reputation, experience, customer feedback, certifications of their quality assurance processes, and certifications of their production systems that guarantees very low defective products rates.

In addition to all this, we ensure the proper storage of these kits, maintaining low light and low moisture conditions in our warehouses, thus securing the material integrity of the sealing elements, keeping their elasticity high enough, and minimizing the phenomenon of ozone cracking for the elastomers contained in the sealing kits. Our attention to this is meticulous, as we want our clients to enjoy their products as they were meant to, staying away from time and money-wasting surprises.

Finally, we take out samples of all our products and actually measure them to ensure that their dimensions are indeed the nominal, compare their properties to the guidelines of the manufacturer of the machine that they are supposed to fit in, and also organize long-term tests with the help of some of our clients who are willing to participate in these testing programs. These tests help us determine exactly how durable and suitable is each of the products that we sell for each of the applications that our clients want to use it in. Based on the gathered data from this program, we have created a large and comprehensive knowledge database that our experts use when they need to advise our clients of what to choose. Every proposal that is generated by one of our experts is backed by our own solid testing results and previous multi-year experience, and not on some vague estimation or marketing hook.

Price and Delivery

Thanks to the state of the art logistic processes that we have implemented into our workflow, and due to the large number of parts that we order from seal kit manufacturers, our prices are the best that you can find out there. For most of our parts, we have a price-match guarantee, and our prices can sometimes be up to 50% less than the standard manufacturers' dealers network. In most cases, we also do a special discount depending on the quantity of the purchased parts. All of our products come with the standard manufacturer's guarantee, they are 100% original/genuine which is verifiable using the serial number on the box, and they are all under three years old meaning that their materials and thus sealing properties haven't decayed.

You can take advantage of our superior parts delivery service that will take your order to your premise in a record time. This is thanks to our smart order picking system, our ERP software implementation, our warehouse optimization approach, and the large warehouse network that covers the whole country. That said, no matter where you are based at, the parts will reach you in less than two-day time.

If you are unsure about what sealing kit you should order, and what parts are the right ones for your equipment, give us a call and a dedicated parts advisor will enlighten you right away. We have over 20 million parts in stock, can cover every piece of machinery no matter how old or obscure it may be, and we maintain a huge database of manufacturers' technical manuals that indicate the maintenance. intervals. If you know what you need, go ahead and check our online stock checker.



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