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Cascade Forklift Parts

When you mention forklift, Cascade is definitely one of the major brands that come to mind. From fork attachment parts to fast, rugged value-added forklifts, Cascade’s performance and value added programs make it a leading brand in whatever major comparison points in the field of forklifts. Whether you’re looking for sideshifters, integral carriages, push/pulls machines, clamps, hydraulic electrical systems and custom products, you have at your disposal some of the best options in terms of value, service and lift truck attachments from Cascade.

70 years has passed already and Cascade is still going strong as an innovative material handling solutions provider that customers can always depend on. With its global links to fork lift truck attachments and forklift accessories, Cascade can meet the attachment requests of many industrial demands. One of these leading products would be the Multiple-load or Single-Double Pallet Handler.

Some leading and well-coveted features of this pallet handler include superior visibility, damage-free handling at all stacking heights, easy-access cylinders for quick servicing and full-length, fully enclosed wrap around over the UHMW plastic bearings that provide maximum strength and bearing support. You can also find a dual class II and III mountings whose field can be easily converted. It also comes with an adjustable fork set that’s spread to handle different types of pallets. You may also have the option to carry various load backrest configuration heights and fork length sections.


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