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Daewoo Doosan

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Forklifts are already the speciality of the Daewoo Doosan brand, especially in the UK, and over the years the brand has made itself considerably a leading global corporation that serves companies in a locally specialized focus. The company provides ideal solutions for operations of independent consultancy companies through flexible and transparent strategies that home in on forklift-centric problems.

The award-winning forklifts from Daewoo Doosan make sure that the operators are working in the safest conditions possible and will have a fleet system that’s prepared for any application. From diesel forklifts to electric forklifts, Daewoo Doosan fleet solutions are packed with powerful features that make sense both in the business sense and corporate expansion sense.

One of these diesel and LPG forklifts is the D15S model. It has an ergonomic design with spacious operator compartment that’s combined with operational enhancements that facilitate easier operation, improved comfort and productivity boost. There is a spacious operator compartment in this unit, as well as an integrated instrument panel that goes well with a convenience package that provides excellent storage for paperwork and even refreshments.

Other general features of this forklift type shared by other models include an auto-tilt leveling that returns the mast to the upright vertical position with the click of a button; an operator sensing system that hits an alarm warning when an operator leaves the seat without the need for a parking brake; a rear grab handle with horn that enables horn activation, alerting surrounding personnel without an added signal or alert system.

Available Models for DOOSAN Forklift:

B15S-5 B15T-5 B15T-7 B16X-5 B16X-7 B18S-5 B18T-5
B18T-7 B18TL-7 B18X-5 B18X-7 B20S-5 B20T-5 B20T-7
B20TL-7 B20X-5 B20X-7 B22X-5 B22X-7 B25S-5 B25X-5
B25X-7 B25XL-7 B30S-5 B30X-5 B30X-7 B32S-5 B35X-5
B35X-7 BC15S-5 BC18S-5 BC20S-5 BC20SC-5 BC25S-5 BC25SE-5
BC30S-5 BC32S-5 D20S-5 D20S-7 D25S-5 D25S-7 D30S-5
D30S-7 D33S-5 D33S-7 D35C-5 D35C-7 G15S-75 G15S-A6
G18S-75 G18S-A6 G20E-3-CW G20E-3-CX G20E-3-DX G20E-3-G9 G20E-3-GA
G20E-5-FG G20P-3-D2 G20P-3-DZ G20P-3-F4 G20P-3-GB G20P-3-GC G20P-3-GQ
G20P-3-GR G20P-5 PLUS G20P-5-MMC 2.4L G20P-5-NCVI 2.4L G20S-2-09 G20S-2-10 G20S-2-11
G20S-2-12 G20S-3-97 G20S-3-99 G25E-3-CW G25E-3-CX G25E-3-DX G25E-3-G9
G25E-3-GA G25E-5-FG G25P-3-D2 G25P-3-DZ G25P-3-F4 G25P-3-GB G25P-3-GC
G25P-3-GQ G25P-3-GR G25P-5 PLUS G25P-5-MMC 2.4L G25P-5-NCVI 2.4L G25S-2-09 G25S-2-10
G25S-2-11 G25S-2-12 G25S-3-97 G25S-3-99 G30E-3-CW G30E-3-CX G30E-3-DX
G30E-3-G9 G30E-3-GA G30E-5-FG G30P-3-D2 G30P-3-DZ G30P-3-F4 G30P-3-GB
G30P-3-GC G30P-3-GQ G30P-3-GR G30P-5 PLUS G30P-5-MMC 2.4L G30P-5-NCVI 2.4L G30S-2-09
G30S-2-10 G30S-2-11 G30S-2-12 G30S-3-97 G30S-3-99 G32E-3-CW G32E-3-CX
G32E-3-DX G32E-3-G9 G32E-3-GA G32E-3-GP G32P-3-D2 G32P-3-DZ G32P-3-F4
G32P-3-GB G32P-3-GC G32P-3-GQ G32P-3-GR G33P-5 PLUS G33P-5-MMC 2.4L G33P-5-NCVI 2.4L
G35C-5 PLUS G35C-5-NCVI 2.4L G35P-5-MMC 2.4L GC15SC-2-CZ GC15SC-2-D1 GC18SC-2-CZ GC18SC-2-D1
GC20-2-01 - - - - - -


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