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Komatsu has already been a known brand in the field of forklift equipment, but what makes the company stand out today is in the jam-packed powerful features it incorporates to its construction and mining equipment, such as forklift trucks. What makes Komatsu an even greater force to reckon in the competition is the fact that it offers diversified solutions to various material handling businesses today.

One of these solutions-centered forklifts would be the FD/FG15~18-21 model series. This diesel and gasoline forklift truck series has both workability and ecology built in mind, with smooth starting features that perform well even in stationary steering. You should understand, though, that the vision of Komatsu is towards destined evolution, and this is the reason why this unit is an EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA Compliant Diesel Engine.

With its powerful lift truck and lower fuel consumption, you are guaranteed to be able to elevate your operations, reduce total lifetime costs for your equipment and make the high operability of your company with extremely less fatigue levels. For the area of comfort, all of the forklifts under Komatsu has a dual floating structure with wide floor and open, non-slip step, with increased operator head clearance.

Available Models for KOMATSU Forklift:

FB10M-2 FB10SH-1 FB13M-2 FB15M-2 FB15SH-1 FB15SH-5 FB15SH-6
FB18M-2 FB18SH-5 FB18SH-6 FB20SH-4 FB25SH-4 FB30SH-4 FD20-11
FD20-12 FD20-17-A FD20H-17-A FD20H-8 FD20HT-8 FD20T-11 FD20T-12
FD20T-16 FD23-11 FD23-12 FD23T-11 FD23T-12 FD25-11 FD25-12
FD25-17-A FD25H-17-A FD25H-8 FD25HT-8 FD25S-11 FD25ST-11 FD25T-11
FD25T-12 FD25T-16 FD28-11 FD28-12 FD28T-11 FD28T-12 FD28T-16
FD30-11 FD30-12 FD30-17-A FD30H-17-A FD30H-8 FD30HT-8 FD30T-11
FD30T-12 FD30T-16 FD32T-16 FD33N-4 FD33NT-4 FD35-4 FD35A-17-A
FD35AT-16 FD35H-4 FD35HT-4 FD35N-4 FD35NT-4 FD35T-4 FD35Z-4
FD35ZT-4 FD40-4 FD40-5 FD40H-4 FD40HT-4 FD40T2-7 FD40T2-8
FD40T-4 FD40T-5 FD40T-7 FD40T-8 FD40Z-4 FD40Z-5 FD40ZT2-7
FD40ZT2-8 FD40ZT-4 FD40ZT-5 FD40ZT-7 FD40ZT-8 FD45-4 FD45-5
FD45H-4 FD45HT-4 FD45T2-7 FD45T2-8 FD45T-4 FD45T-5 FD45T-7
FD45T-8 FD50AT2-8 FG10C-14 FG10C-15 FG10H-1 FG10H-14 FG10HT-1
FG10HT-14 FG10S-1 FG10S-15 FG10S-2 FG10ST-1 FG10ST-15 FG10ST-2
FG14C-14 FG14C-15 FG15-15 FG15C-14 FG15C-15 FG15H-1 FG15H-14
FG15H-15 FG15H-16 FG15H-17 FG15HC-17 FG15HT-1 FG15HT-14 FG15HT-15
FG15HT-16 FG15HT-17 FG15HT-20 FG15S-1 FG15S-15 FG15S-16 FG15S-17
FG15S-2 FG15SHT-20 FG15ST-1 FG15ST-15 FG15ST-16 FG15ST-17 FG15ST-2
FG15T-15 FG18C-14 FG18C-15 FG18H-1 FG18H-14 FG18H-15 FG18H-16
FG18HT-1 - - - - - -


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