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TCM made a name already in the global manufacturing industry as a pioneer in developing and creating sturdy, extremely long-lasting material handling products, such as forklifts. From the IC Engine Forklift Trucks (1.5 - 10.0t) to Large-size Forklift Trucks (10-43t) to Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks, TCM has made sure that every little or large industry problem faced by companies in their operations is well-addressed.

One TCM product line-up worth mentioning is the FB-VIII (4 wheel, 1.0 - 3.5 ton). With excellent product features like an electric-powered counterbalance four wheel forklift design; a load capacity range between 1.0 ton to 3.5 ton (Load center : 500mm) and AC motors used for drive and load handling functions, there’s little wonder why many companies see TCM as a trusted brand for various industry problems.

For a reliable, durable and economical forklift machine, the TX Series (3 wheel, 1.25 - 2.0 ton) is the number one option. It’s a counterbalanced electric three-wheel forklift (with a Pneumatic Tire Model) and an electric-powered source. Equipped with 3 pre-set modes that users can use to adjust the truck performance themselves, TCM has made a name with this machine, too, in providing powerful forklift solution for various niches.

Available Models for TCM Forklift:

FCG15-2 FCG15-3 FCG15-4 FCG15F9 FCG15N2 FCG15N5 FCG15N6
FCG15N7 FCG15N8 FCG15T8 FCG18-2 FCG18-3 FCG18F9 FCG18N6
FCG18N7 FCG18N8 FCG18T8 FCG20-2 FCG20-2H FCG20-3 FCG20-3H
FCG20-4 FCG20-4H FCG20F9 FCG20N5 FCG20N6 FCG20T7 FCG23-2
FCG23-2H FCG23-3 FCG23-3H FCG23F9 FCG23N6 FCG23T7 FCG25-2
FCG25-2H FCG25-3 FCG25-3H FCG25-4 FCG25-4H FCG25F9 FCG25N5
FCG25N6 FCG25T7 FCG28-2 FCG28-2H FCG28-3 FCG28-3H FCG28F9
FCG28N6 FCG28T7 FCG30-2H FCG30-3 FCG30-3H FCG30-4H FCG30F9
FCG30T7 FCG35N6 FCG36-8 FCG36N6 FD10Z18 FD15Z18 FD18Z18
FD20T3 FD20Z2 FD20Z3 FD20Z4A27S FD20Z5A32 FD23Z2 FD23Z3
FD23Z4A27S FD23Z5A32 FD25T3 FD25Z2 FD25Z3 FD25Z4A27S FD25Z5A32
FD28Z5A32 FD28Z8 FD28Z9 FD30T3 FD30Z5A32 FD30Z8 FD30Z9
FD9Z3 FG10N15 FG10N16 FG10N17 FG10N18 FG14N15 FG14N16
FG15N15 FG15N16 FG15N17 FG15N18 FG18N15 FG18N16 FG18N17
FG18N18 FG20N1 FG20N2 FG20N3 FG20N4A26W FG20N5A31S FG20N6
FG20N7 FG20N8 FG20T3 FG20T6 FG20T6H FG20T7 FG23N1
FG23N2 FG23N3 FG23N4A26W FG23N5A31S FG25C7 FG25N1 FG25N2
FG25N3 FG25N4 FG25N4A26W FG25N5 FG25N5A31S FG25N6 FG25T3
FG25T6 FG25T6H FG25T7 FG28N5A31S FG28N7 FG28N8 FG28N9
FG30N5A31S - - - - - -

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