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Bearings are small but crucial parts of many machines, especially sweepers and scrubbers. They are like the hidden heroes that keep the moving parts of these machines running smoothly. 

Whether it's an Advance bearing in a heavy-duty cleaner, a Clark bearing ensuring precision, or a Club Car bearing in a utility vehicle, each plays a vital role. Similarly, Tennant bearings contribute significantly to the efficiency of their sweepers, while Taylor Dunn bearings are critical to the reliability of their industrial vehicles. 

Understanding bearings is essential for anyone interested in the mechanics of sweepers and scrubbers, as they are fundamental to the machine's performance and longevity.

Functions of Bearings in Sweepers and Scrubbers

Bearings are like tiny helpers inside sweepers and scrubbers, machines that clean floors. They help parts inside these machines move smoothly. Imagine a wheel turning easily because of these small but mighty parts. 

Brands like Tennant, Factory Cat, and N.S.S. Nation use bearings to ensure their sweepers' and scrubbers' bearings work well without getting stuck.

Bearings Make Machines Strong and Reliable

Bearings ensure the machine can clean many floors without getting tired or broken. Brands like Advance and Clark bearings pick their machines' best bearings. Suitable bearings mean the machines can do their job better and last longer.

Brand-Specific Bearing

Different sweepers and scrubbers use different kinds of bearings. Brands like Advance pick robust bearings for tough jobs. AMERICAN LINC. uses bearings that are exact and last a long time. AMETEK chooses super tough bearings that keep going, even in hard work. 

BETCO uses special bearings that are just right for their cleaning machines. Each brand, including Clark and CLUB CAR, finds the bearings that fit perfectly for how their machines are made and how they clean.

Bearings in EAGLE POWER P. machines help their motors work well. In EZ-GO - CUSHM. equipment, bearings are robust for big, complex jobs. FACTORY CAT uses special bearings for challenging cleaning tasks, and MINUTEMAN INT. picks bearings that keep working for a long time. 

Every brand, like N.S.S. NATION. and NACECARE SOLU., uses bearings uniquely. They select bearings that help their sweepers and scrubbers do the best cleaning.

Maintenance of Bearings

Here are the maintenance tips to keep sweepers and scrubbers bearing working great:

  • Regular Checks: It's essential to look at the bearings often. This is helpful for machines from Taylor-Dunn and Club Car bearings.
  • Lubrication is Key: Keep bearings lubricated. This helps bearings in all machines, like those from Tennant and Advance, move quickly.
  • Cleaning Matters: Keep the bearings clean from dirt and dust. 
  • Listen and Feel: It might be the bearings if you hear noises or feel shaking from the machine. This is common in brands like Clark and Taylor-Dunn.
  • Replace if Needed: Sometimes, bearings get too old and need to be changed.


Bearings are super crucial in sweepers and scrubbers. They're like tiny parts that do a big job of ensuring these machines clean floors well. Brands like Advance, Clark, Club Car, Tennant, and Taylor Dunn use special bearings in their sweepers and scrubbers. 

These bearings help the machines work smoothly and last a long time. Remember, taking good care of the bearings, with regular checks and oil, makes a huge difference. 

It keeps the sweepers and scrubbers running well and doing their best cleaning. So, bearings might be miniature, but they're a big part of why these machines are so good at what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Bearing Is Best For Sweepers And Scrubbers?

The best type of bearing for sweepers and scrubbers depends on the machine. Brands like Tennant and Clark use bearings that fit perfectly with their specific models. It's about finding the right match for each machine's needs.

How Often Should I Check Bearings In My Club Car Or Taylor Dunn Machines?

You should check the bearings in your Club Car or Taylor Dunn machines regularly, at least once every few months. Regular checks help spot any issues early and keep the machine in shape.

Can I Replace the Bearings In My Advance Sweeper Myself?

Yes, you can replace bearings in your Advance sweeper if you have the right tools and a bit of know-how. However, if you need more clarification, it's always a good idea to ask for professional help.

What Are Common Signs Of Bearing Problems In Sweepers And Scrubbers?

Common signs include strange noises, the machine vibrating more than usual, or a drop in cleaning efficiency. If you notice these in brands like Tennant or Clark, it's time to check the bearings.

Are Bearings In N.S.S. Nation And Factory Cat Machines Different From Other Brands?

N.S.S. Nation and Factory Cat might use specifically chosen bearings for their machines' designs. While bearings might be similar across brands, each brand, like Factory Cat or N.S.S. Nation, chooses bearings that best suit their equipment's needs.

How Can I Ensure Longevity Of Bearings In My Sweepers And Scrubbers?

Regularly clean and lubricate the bearings to ensure longevity and check them for wear and tear. Proper maintenance is critical, especially for machines from brands like Clark and Club Car.


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