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Brush Accessories

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Sweepers and Scrubbers Brush Accessories 

Some of the most important parts in scrubbers and sweepers are the brush accessories that assist the brushes as the main parts of the equipment. These brush accessories that are sometimes made of different types will work with a variety of intensity levels depending on the brush types. Some of the more generally known brush types or accessories include the side broom, main broom, rotary brush or side scrub, pad driver, and the cylindrical scrub or “main scrub”

Whether it’s for industrial scale cleaning or for a minimal personal household use, it’s a fact that these brush accessories play an integral part. However, these require some maintenance and replacement, and that’s why you have to learn more about the brush accessories you can buy today.

Not all sweeper brushes would require the same set of brush accessories. Some brushes in these sweepers may require accessories that are compatible with the type of material used, such as nylon, polypropylene, proex, steel wire or even grit. Some of these accessories may also require the type of situations that can match with where the brushes are most exposed to. That said, these brush accessories should accommodate the level of resistance that the brushes have.

In addition, the kind of brush accessories to be used for how often the scrubbers or sweepers are used. Whether you want floor pads made of ivory, light blue or natural grey as your brush accessories, it’s important to check first how often you’d be using the equipment. The right brush accessories to be used should be dependent on that first unless you don’t mind replacing those accessories often.

You should also understand that there are factors to consider in choosing the brush accessories that have to do with the row patterns of the brush. Understanding the complete details of whether the brush is single row, double row or patrol brush is recommended.


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