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Casters, Wheels, and Rollers

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Casters, Wheels, and Rollers for Sweepers and Scrubbers


Casters are essentially a wheeled device mounted to a larger object that guides it and enables for an easy rolling movement of such object. While this may just be a simple composite of a transport system in any business operation, picking the right bulk set of casters can make or break a business, align or deviate from a business’ goals or they can direct a company’s productivity either to profitable sales or ruin.

Casters, along with their wheels and rollers, are considered sometimes to be housings, which come with a wheel and a mounting that allows for easy installation of the attached or transported objects. You can find these casters to be highly used in either industrial or personal utilities. Some of the areas where casters are most common include hospital beds and automotive factories. In addition, these casters have different sizes depending on the kind of application they are to be used, or whether the size of the industry is large-scale or small-business size.

When choosing the perfect casters that can further a business’ targets, it’s essential to know the different kinds of wheel materials. These material options include cast iron, rubber, plastic or even polyurethane, and sometimes, nylon or forged steel. The type of material to be used may contribute to expediting the transport of goods in a business, and therefore it’s critical to scrutinize which is the best kind of material for the caster, wheel or roller to be engaged.


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