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Charger Parts and Accessories

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Charger Parts and Accessories for Sweepers and Scrubbers


Charger parts and charger accessories of scrubbers and sweepers should be chosen with keen attention if the operator or business owner wants to get the most cost-efficient method of maintaining their equipment. There are multiple brands of charger parts and accessories to choose from, which may range from Alto, Clarke, Comac to Factory Cat, Minuteman, RCM and Windsor.

When looking for the right charger parts or their accessories, you must check first for compatibility between your particular sweeper equipment and the part’s model, battery voltage, charging current, battery range, weight, dimensions and protection levels. That said, you can also outpace your competition if you know the guidelines in picking the right service center that repairs or installs your charger parts and accessories.

The battery range of chargers of most scrubbers can go from 12V - 48V, with a charging current of about 15A to 25A, and can sometimes have a charging time of between 8-9 hours. These are important details that you should double-check when replacing the parts, or in giving information to the repair centers that will do the replacement for you. In addition, you should check for the technical features of the chargers to know which parts to buy. There are charges that come with an option to change the charging curve of the chargery through a DIP switch. Checking whether the charger you have is equipped with a high-frequency system is also helpful to verify for a correct compatibility for these parts. You should also check if the charger accessories you buy have Product Warranty for service or only for parts to get high value for your money.


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