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Chargers for Sweepers and Scrubbers


The chargers for batteries used in sweepers and scrubbers come in different sizes, variety, durability and brand reputation. Whether you’re using a wet monobloc, gel or semi-traction battery, picking the right chargers for your sweepers can mean a lot of savings in business costs. Accelerating your sweeping and scrubbing business means you know the right different chargers for all comprehensive range of batteries that are sold by different brands.

One good option to pick when searching for the perfect battery chargers is to go for high-frequency universal battery chargers made for wet and gel batteries. Firstly, they have a lot of options in changing the charging curve of your sweepers using DIP switches. You may even have as many as 16 standard preprogrammed curves that would be compatible with either lead-acid or AGM batteries. There may be other varieties made for Li-ion and Li-po batteries in the market, too.

It’s also essential to pick a charger with the highest efficiency. For this reason, you have to go for a high-frequency system that can boast of as high as 90% in efficiency. This saves you on business costs and repairs in case you have to charge a bulk set of batteries for your business operations. Other features you should look for chargers include a high microprocessor operating them, a visualization system that lets you see the amount of charging in the machine and an NC (normally closed) feature that allows for a safety interlock connections for better protection against safety hazards and other malfunctions.

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