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Cylindrical Scrub Brushes

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Cylindrical Scrub Brushes for Sweepers and Scrubbers


There are many kinds of brushes incorporated in scrubbers and sweepers, but one of the most common or widely used across industries are the cylindrical scrub brushes that are also called as the “main scrub”. What makes this cylindrical different from other brush types out there, such as the rotary brush, main broom, and side broom, is the fact that it’s the only brush type that equips a fill-fill design that keeps the bristles on the floor at all times without deviating from their course. In addition, this is the brush type that guides the cleaning solution in a parallel path towards the center of the area where the scrubber will pass through.

The cylindrical scrub is well linked with the scrubbing path’s bristles. As this brush runs a path, the bristles loosen up the debris from the ground, which both gets rid of the dirt from the floor and adds a cleaning solution to polish off the area. It’s also the solution from the cylindrical scrub that helps soften the debris on the floor that will easily get off with the assistance of the bristles in the scrubber.

It’s important to note that there is a filament length on this brush that helps designate itself as the main “scrubber” to differentiate it from a short bristle that’s disabled from generating a “flick” or “sweep” on the floor needed to rub the debris off the treated surface. Unlike a pad driver or the side broom, the cylindrical scrub brush performs the main scrubbing, which exposes it to more usage, thereby making it more prone to replacements and repair.

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