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Electric Drive Motors

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Electric Drive Motors for Sweepers and Scrubbers


The electric drive motors of scrubbers and sweepers are the power motor and gears that power the equipment themselves. They’re basically the electrical machine installed in each sweeper that converts electrical energy into the right voltage and amount of mechanical energy to run the equipment. As a result of these electric drive motors, a sweeper’s magnetic field and electric current generate force through a wire winding linked to a shaft’s rotation. Consequently, it’s important for operators of sweepers to know the important details that help their electric drive motors run efficiently and how they can be powered with the most efficient power source, which includes direct current (DC) in batteries or rectifiers, as well as from alternating current (AC) sources.

It must be added that electric drive motors in sweepers can come in a variety of classifications based on their power source, such as the one above, or based on their internal construction, the area where they can be used and the range of its motion output. For example, in terms of AC-DC connection, the types to be considered would be the electric drive motors that are brushless or brushed. They also come either in single-phase, two-phase or three-phase categories. There are electric motors, too, that come in either liquid-cooled or air-cooled.

Depending on the longevity expected by the operator of these scrubbers, an electric motor can be expected to vary in their life span based on the types stated above. Lastly, operators should learn more about how electric drive motors can be used in reverse as generators, which is the case during regenerative braking.


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