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Floor Pads

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Floor Pads for Sweepers and Scrubbers


It’s an unquestionable fact that a scrubber or sweeper cannot run its designated tasks without the use of the compatible floor pads it needs. Whether one is using sweepers for a large-scale business or a small or medium enterprise, the scrubbers’ floor pads play a pivotal role in why businesses use sweepers in the first place.

Operators who own scrubbers should also have nothing to worry about when they need to look for replacement floor pads. Many superior brands today have already manufactured the best quality floor pads imaginable. These major brands include Advance, American Linc., Clark, Clarke, Etc. Henderso, Factory Cat, Minuteman Int. and N.S.S. Nation.

An example of a quality floor pad sold by N.S.S. today would have to be the N.S.S. NATIONAL SUPER SERVICE FLOOR PADS 79-9-1521. What sets this product apart is not just because of its promise that it would last even after a series of the most rigorous level of industry-scale applications. It stands out because it has a guarantee that it’s made under the highest quality components and it went through a lot of rigorous testings to make sure that its quality is of superior levels.

We should add here that the standard pads available play different roles. The white floor pad is generally used for buffing and polishing, and giving floors their wet look finish and which is useful for practically any floor type. Pink floor pads play the same role, but they also remove light markings after cleaning and buffing the floors.


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