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Gauges - Meters

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Sweepers and Scrubbers Gauges - Meters


The Gauges - Meters in scrubbers are the components in your scrubbers that help measure the pressure, flow or fluid level and other dimensional information that runs all throughout their systems. These measurement systems come with special sensors that can signal to the operator when, for example, the fluid pressure released in the equipment is reaching its limit. All these data are accurately displayed in a scrubber’s electrical meters or gauges.

It should be noted that there are many types of gauges and meters used in scrubbers, or even in machines in general, and so make sure you know the exact type, brand or year model of the gauge you need to replace your scrubbers’ parts. One common type of gauge for scrubbers is the temperature gauge, which have remote-reading thermometers that have a readout installed to be found in the operator’s control panel. This type of gauge has an alarm system that has thermostats installed and that can automatically shut down the scrubber should there be a need.

Looking for these parts to fix any problem in your scrubbers is fortunately not a big problem anymore. Major brands today already offer an assuring set of parts to replace or maintain the gauges or meters you have. Some of the types and parts related to gauges you can find in this category include charger meters, battery gauges, temperature gauge, ammeters, fluid level gauges, water temp gauges, and service indicators. You may also find the commercial, industrial, process and test gauges you’re looking for in this category.


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