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Grips, Knobs and Handles

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Sweepers and Scrubbers Grips, Knobs and Handles


It’s absolutely not a stretch to say that all scrubbers and sweepers require great quality grips, knobs and handles. These are essentials that if not fine-tuned or installed properly in the scrubbers could render the equipment unusable. This is precisely the reason why it’s not only important to find the right compatibility between the grips and knobs and the scrubbers in which they are installed, but they also have to be sourced from reliable and trusted brands.

Some of the major brands in the market that supply the public with reliable grips, knobs, and handles for their scrubbers would be Advance, American Linc, Clark, Clarke, Club Car, EZ-GO- Cushm., Factory Cat, Minuteman Int., N.S.S. Nation, Power Boss, Star, and Taylor Dunn. Examples of the knobs and grips they sell, or at least the parts that relate to them, would be the Tennant-castex Nobles T-KNOB 240194, Tennant-castex Nobles Round Knob 630265 and the Windsor Knob 8.600-479.0.

The most remarkable attribute shared by all these products is the fact that they are guaranteed to be ever made only with the finest, most durable and highest quality standards that would never fail to satisfy the customers. The fact, too, that these products are made by brands that have been around for many years already makes these products of a different, more superior stamp that may be hard to undermine.

Another thing to remember before buying these knobs, grips, and handles is that you should only go for a reseller that’s trusted by many and verified to be only selling authentic parts.


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