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Hydraulic Motors

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The hydraulic motors installed in sweepers and scrubbers stand to be the equipment’s mechanical actuator that could convert the hydraulic pressure and flow into a torque and angular displacement or rotation. These hydraulic motors serve as the sweepers’ rotary counterpart of a hydraulic cylinder, which then become the equipment’s linear actuator. These motors use hydraulic fluid as a composite of hydraulic circuits that are installed in a scrubber or sweeper.

The hydraulic motors today can be classified into two fundamental categories. The first one would be the vane motors or gear motors, which are characterized as simply rotating systems. The benefits you can find here include low initial cost with a high rpm. The second category would be the plunger and piston motors in axial or radial configuration. The structure of this type can be a bit more sophisticated or complex and is used for high quality rotative drive systems that may also provide adjustable transfer ration.

Fortunately, you have a lot of quality options today if you need parts to fix or install hydraulic motors to scrubbers. There are many multinational brands already that can replace your sweepers’ in the least costly way possible. Some of the parts related to hydraulic motors that you can find in this category include broom motors, drive motors, main broom drives, main broom hydraulic motors, hydraulic drives, wheel kits, pumps, side broom motors, wheel motor kits, manifold ass and hydraulic brush drives. It goes without saying that all these parts are made with the highest quality components available to be delivered to multiple shipping locations to achieve the fastest delivery time.


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