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Main Sweeping Brooms

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The main sweeping brooms are the elements in a scrubber that do the main cleaning or sweeping of the surface that the equipment is exposed to. These main brooms are built with the most heavy-duty materials around an industry-strength core. There are attached staple-set tufts that are being aligned in their equipment’s spiral rows.

The usual design in the main broom of a scrubber allows bristles on the floor all the time, maximizing the vacuum efficiency and pickup abilities of the scrubber.

Some of the best main sweeping broom types you can buy are made of 100% virgin polypropylene filaments that resist abrasion for longer broom life. A good main sweeping broom has also an easily refiled core for a quick change-out that can easily be done by one person. Fortunately, there are many major brands like Clark and American Lincoln that supply the public today with replacements for their main sweeping brooms.

With that said, some of the main sweeping brooms that you can find in this category include: 8DR PROEX types, 26" 18 S.R. UNION & WIR 56475024 types, 26" 9 D.R. POLY types, 34" 6 D.R. POLY types, 34" 6D.R. PROEX & WIRE 56416682 types, 12 D.R. STIFF PROEX 56505209 types, and 45" 8 D.R. NYLON 56505210 types. All these types of main brooms are guaranteed to be made of the finest quality materials that can allow for multiple shipping locations for quickest delivery time.


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