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Oil Filters

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The oil filter you can find installed in scrubbers and sweepers are technically designed to remove the contaminants that may have gotten through the equipment’s engine oil, lubricating oil or even hydraulic oil. You can find many different types of oil filters used in different types of hydraulic machinery, but in the case with scrubbers, these filters’ chief use is in the internal combustion engines. Thes filters help not only improve the productivity of the sweepers, but a good set of robust oil filters can extend the shelf life of scrubbers for an impressive amount of time.

It’s important to add here that these oil filters come equipped with a corresponding set of pressurized lubrication systems. As these systems are incorporated, the oil filters are able to bypass an excessive flow restriction in the filtration process. A filter bypass occurs when a filter is clogged or when cold weather renders the oil thick.

This overpressure relief valve is what’s incorporated in the oil filter to also allow for an anti-drain-back valve system after the equipment’s engine is shut down. That said, these oil filters can be subjected to wear and tear after multiple usage, and this means that owners of scrubbers should look for reliable resellers that can provide them with parts. Fortunately, major international brands can supply the public with oil filters. Some of the parts for oil filters in the category include standard oil filters, oil returns, and engine oils.

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