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Panel Filters

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Panel Filters are the parts of the scrubbers and sweepers responsible for extending the shelf-life and IAQ of the air-handling areas of the equipment. Whether the scrubbers are used for commercial or residential purposes, prefiltering the air with panel filters help in the circulation of the air inside the fuel systems of scrubbers. These panel filters comprise of fibrous or porous materials that help remove solid residue or particulates away from the equipment. These filters act as a protective layer for the equipment from the harmful effects of pollen, mold, and dust that can be abrasive to the internal systems of the engine.

There are panel filters that come with a pleated paper or spun fiberglass as materials for their panels, and over the years, there’s already high technology developed in the field of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics that helps make the protection of these panels more effective when installed in scrubbers. One type of a modern type of filter today that’s been improved over the years is HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High-efficiency particulate air, and it’s sometimes called high-efficiency particulate arrestance. This is the kind of filter that have to pass strict standards of efficiency before it can be used in various machines.

Fortunately, if you need replacements for your panel filters in your scrubbers, big international brands like Advance and Betco have the parts for you. From standard panel filters to filter papers and screens, these brands guarantee that what they offer are made of high-quality materials.


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