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Rectifiers are the electrical device that you can find in your scrubbers that are responsible for converting alternating current (AC). This converted current runs through a reversed direction until it guides the direct current (DC) to flow in only one direction. The process of doing this would be called a rectification, which practically means that the current is being straightened in the direction of where the DC goes.

There are currently many forms of rectifiers known to exist today, and the most popular of them would be the vacuum tube diodes, mercury-arc valves, selenium oxide plates, semiconductor diodes, silicon-controlled rectifiers, and silicon-based semiconductor switches. All of these types have over the years been under a lot of improvements to make sure that they better serve as efficient components of DC power supplies like scrubbers and sweepers.

These types perform differently depending on the type of alternating current supply is made available, or whether the output voltage that comes with the rectification process is able to produce a smooth uniform steady voltage. It may be useful to know, too, that the rectifier circuits today may either be single-phase for multi-phase and of all the multi-phase types available, the three-phases type come to be the most widely used.

Fortunately, if you need parts involving sweepers and scrubbers, major international brands have the replacements that you need. The rectifiers you can find under this category that come from brands lik EZ-Go and Minuteman International are all of them guaranteed to be made with the finest quality materials.


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