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Rotary Scrub Brushes and Pad Drivers

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The rotary scrub brushes and pad drivers you can find in scrubbers and sweepers are the main driving force of the equipment to perform the burnishing or sweeping of the surface areas. When installing these pad drivers and scrub brushes in the sweepers, operators should check first whether the switch is at the disconnecting position. Checking if the handle to lift the tank body is pressed down is also needed. Another important reminder for owners to remember is to only use official and authentic pad drivers and scrub brushes to avoid machine malfunction.

Another tip to prevent the damage of the scrubbers is always use authentic or genuine machines. That said, it’s important to remove also the rotary scrub brushes/pad drivers and use water and detergents to clean them after using the equipment. It’s important to check first if there is wear and tear on these brushes and pad drivers, and if it’s necessary, these pad drivers and brushes should be replaced.

It’s useful to know that a pad driver is basically a set of short stiff bristles that are made of Velcro-type material. This material is able to hold a cleaning pad on it, which lets the scrubber or sweeper do its job or designated tasks. There are different colors that come with these pads, which may range from either white, brown to even a bold black color. These pads can easily be bought from grocery stores, retail facility floors or online depending if there’s a bulk order needed.


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