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Seals and O-Rings

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There’s a lot to learn about the seals and O-rings that you can find in scrubbers or sweepers, but the basics would have to be the nomenclature, functions and dimension tables of the most popular seals and O-rings you can find today. Firstly, these seals and O-rings offer high-level sealing ability and reliability against water, oil, air and various chemicals and gases that may interfere in the operations of your scrubbers. These O-rings and seals may come in a variety of designs and sizes, but what you should go for are the ones that have the easy-handling features for maximum convenience in installing them to your scrubbers.

There are also many brands today that offer seals and O-rings that are made from advanced sealing technologies, sophisticated manufacturing expertise standards and research framework gathered over years of extensive development and experiments. From center bearing units, plastic gear shifts, dust covers, and spark-plug tube gaskets, these seal kits or parts can dictate how often you would be reinvesting more money in your cleaning services just to maintain your equipment.

Because O-rings and seals prevent leakage of sealed objects from the inside of your sweepers and to resist the entry of dust and contaminants from outside to your equipment’s engine, it is always wise to get only genuine parts. Fortunately, you can find under this category many of the international brands that can offer you seals and O-rings if you need replacement parts. Granted, all these parts come with a guarantee of quality and finest materials.


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