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Seat Cushions and Backrests

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Seat Cushions and Backrests in scrubbers and sweepers are the equipment’s components that protect the operator of the moving machine from the inconvenience and discomfort of sitting for far too long while operating it.

There are many attributes, features, factors, and details in picking the right seat cushions and backrests to be installed in scrubbers. The first factor to consider when installing one would have to be the postural stability. The driver’s body framework should fit that of the cushion and the backrest so that the personal needs of the driver or operator are put in first priority. Slouching prevention and freedom of movement are also the next important factors to make sure that the driver can still freely perform all the tasks needed in running the machine. Next factor to consider would have to be to achieve the right level of support just in the right spots of the driver. The pelvis and the driver’s thorax areas should always be supported, while at the same time providing optimal pressure distribution all over the area exposed to the cushion and backrests.

Some of the more common backrests and cushions today would be a sling backrest, padded backrest, support backrest, webbed backrest, backrest with adjustable straps, balance seats, air seats, pan seats, fluid seats, and memory foam seats. Fortunately, if you need a quality replacement for the cushions and backrests for your scrubbers, major international brands today offer you the parts you need, and many of the finest options they offer are available under this category.


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