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Squeegee Accessories for Sweepers and Scrubbers


Squeegee Accessories come in many types and forms, which may include squeegee front support frames, squeegee rear support frames, squeegee lift handles, squeegee knobs, squeegee clips, blades, brackets and many more. One important tip to remember is that you should first unscrew the squeegee mount knobs, remove the squeegee vacuum hose, then remove the squeegee when installing the batteries of your scrubbers. This helps in making sure you don’t damage the internal fuel systems and other composites inside the equipment.

To properly adjust the squeegee in scrubbers, you have to install the squeegee first and then tighten the knobs. The next thing would be to connect the vacuum hose to the assembly of the squeegee. You must remember that inspecting the squeegee, as well as the squeegee blades, should be done weekly, to avoid rust, corrosion, and other harmful sediments to harm your machine. It’s just as important to check that the squeegee accessories, such as the squeegee blade and front squeegee blade, are intact and they don’t have broken edges or cracks anywhere in their structure. When troubleshooting for breakdowns, malfunctioning of indication lights, brushes, and vacuums, there may be situations that it is the squeegee accessories that are at fault. It may be time to replace them.

Replacing these parts are fortunately no longer a big deal because as you can see, many international brands like Advance, Betco and Clark are already selling squeegee accessories to the market. From straps, pads to squeegee backups, you can find these parts under this category.

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