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Squeegee Blades, Kits, Skirts, Splash Guards

Squeegee Blades, Kits, Skirts, Splash Guards for Sweepers and Scrubbers


The squeegee blades, along with their kits, skirts and splash guards, play a pivotal role in a scrubber’s operations because they are the ones directly exposed to the floor over which the equipment does its primary functions. The first thing to remember when installing, replacing or maintaining your scrubbers and sweepers’ squeegee blades, kits, skirts, and splash guards, is to focus on the durability of the materials. For example, when buying squeegee blades, you have to check for standard resistance. You should go for high-quality rubber blades that have been manufactured with attention given on centrifugation process that avoids bubbles and craters. This allows for bringing a higher and optimal homogeneity to the compound of the material of the blades right after grinding.

Next to consider would be to check if the squeegee blades you need would either be a Soft single-layer squeegee rubber blade with soft 65°shA red, Triple medium (75/90/75°shA) or a Soft single-layer squeegee rubber blade with hard 85shA blue/ There are also squeegee blades that are straight square edge, round beveled, single beveled, and double beveled. For kits, skirts and splash guards, it’s important to check for their high-environment stability, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, as well as their color-coded serials for easy identification. You have to make sure that the data you get from these materials match the actual parts that you want to be replaced in your scrubbers.

Fortunately, you can already find many of the major replacement parts for squeegee blades, skirts, splash guards and kits in scrubbers under this category.

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