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Vacuum Bags

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What stakeholders should know about vacuum bags in sweepers and scrubbers is that they’re bags made of robust material that’s typically from rubber-coated fabric or a strong polymer film. The purpose of these bags is that they are used to compress the parts during hardening or the curing process in sweepers. There are instances where the vacuum bags are the ones enclosing the material they contain, but sometimes mold is needed to do the job. Accordingly, the face of the laminate with the bag should be made of a single layer seal that would be connected to the outer edge of the mold face.

You can say that these vacuum bags in the scrubbers act in some applications to be the containers of the sediments or particles collected during a vacuuming process. The shelf-life of these vacuum bags will depend on the structure of its material, as well as whether it’s composed of a PA/PE structure. PA is usually puncture-resistance, and PE is used for sealing. The high-barrier category will help in shelf life protection, and will sometimes use either a polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) or an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). These vacuum bags should be checked for wear and tear, and if so, replaced right away before extended harm is done on the equipment.

When it’s time to replace the vacuum bags in scrubbers or sweepers, major international brands are already there to offer the fix. Most, if not all, the replacement parts that you need for vacuum bags can be found under this category.


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