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Vacuum Motors

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It’s hard to imagine scrubbers or sweepers like vacuum cleaners to run without a vacuum motor mainly because vacuum motors are the ones that power the equipment. To be more specific, it’s these motors that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that makes the sweepers run. With the help of its magnetic field and an electric current wound around a wire winding to generate a force, a scrubber gets to run and perform its designed tasks.

There are many considerations when classifying vacuum motors today, and these categories could be defined either by their power source type, internal construction, their application and the type of motion input that’s installed. These motors may also be categorized according to whether they are operating on magnetism, electrostatics or piezoelectricity.

There are considerations that relate to whether these vacuum motors are air-cooled and liquid-cooled. General-purpose motors are some of the most common types because they can provide solutions for vacuum motors in industrial and mechanical scale. That said, stakeholders or owners of vacuum cleaners should check for the vacuum motors’ bearings, stators, air gaps, and windings and double-check on whether they are already fine-tuned and are not exposed to abrasion or chemical contaminants.

We should add here that should you be needing replacements for the parts of these vacuum motors, big brands like Pro Team and Tornado have ready solutions that address clients’ high-standards and demand for quality. All of the major parts most commonly purchased from these major brands are now under this category.


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