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Clark BEARING 56250414

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Sweepers and Scrubbers Bearings Clark BEARING CKE56250414

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56250414 Steering Shaft Bearing / Squeegee Linkage Bearing for Advance Brand New
Part Number56250414
Bearing TypeFlange Bearing
Machine Applicationtoo short, Foamatic 56254200, ES4000, Convertamatic X32D-C, Convertamatic X28D-C, Convertamatic X28C-C, Convertamatic X26D-C, Convertamatic X26C-C, Convertamatic X24D-C, Convertamatic X24C-C, Convertamatic 32D-C, Convertamatic 28D, Convertamatic 28D-C, Convertamatic 28C-C, Convertamatic 26D, Convertamatic 26D-C, Convertamatic 26C-C, Convertamatic 265LX, Convertamatic 24D-C, Convertamatic 24C-C, Convertamatic 240LX, Convertamatic 240LX-J, Condor X4830D EcoFlex, Condor X4830C EcoFlex, Condor X4530D EcoFlex, Condor X4530C EcoFlex, Condor X4030D EcoFlex, Condor X4030C EcoFlex, Condor 4830D, Condor 4830D AXP, Condor 4830C, Condor 4830C AXP, Condor 4530D, Condor 4530D AXP, Condor 4530C, Condor 4530C AXP, Condor 4030D, Condor 4030D AXP, Condor 4030C, Condor 4030C AXP, CMAX 34ST, CMAX 28ST, AquaRide SE AXP, AquaRide SE, AquaPLUS, AquaPLUS AXP, AquaMAX, Advolution 2710, Advenger X3405D, Advenger X3405D-C, Advenger X2805D, Advenger X2805D-C, Advenger X2805C, Advenger X2805C-C, Advenger 3405D, Advenger 3405D-C, Advenger 3210D, Advenger 3210D AXP, Advenger 3210C, Advenger 3210C AXP, Advenger 2810D, Advenger 2810D AXP, Advenger 2810C, Advenger 2810C AXP, Advenger 2805D, Advenger 2805D-C, Advenger 2805C, Advenger 2805C-C, Advenger 2600D, Advenger 2600C, Advenger 2400D, Advenger 2400C, Adphibian, Adhancer W32-C, Adhancer W28-C, Adhancer R32-C, Adhancer R28-C, Adgressor X3820D EcoFlex, Adgressor X3820C EcoFlex, Adgressor X3520D EcoFlex, Adgressor X3520C EcoFlex, Adgressor X3220D EcoFlex, Adgressor X3220C EcoFlex, Adgressor X2820D EcoFlex, Adgressor X2820C EcoFlex, Adgressor 3820D, Adgressor 3820D AXP, Adgressor 3820C, Adgressor 3820C AXP, Adgressor 3520D, Adgressor 3520D AXP, Adgressor 3520C, Adgressor 3220D, Adgressor 3220D AXP, Adgressor 3220C, Adgressor 3220C AXP, Adgressor 2820D, Adgressor 2820D AXP, Adgressor 2820C, Adgressor 2820C AXP, 34RST, 34RST EcoFlex, 3400D-C ST, 3400D ST, 2800D-C ST, 2800D ST
Special FeaturesFlange =1.7
Manufacturer/ Replacement BrandAdvance
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