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Pallet Jack Parts

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Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks have been around since the 1910s, helping in the moving of large and heavy pallets around warehouses and production plants. These tools are an essential part of the equipment set of every warehouse, as they can serve as a basic forklift with even greater maneuverability and characteristic reliability at a much lower cost compared to a forklift truck. The way they work is by pumping a hydraulic piston by using the lever that also serves as the steering wheel for the tool. This action raises the forks to a certain height while the operator may release the hydraulic pressure at any time, like when the pallet is in place. This simple operational principle allows for maximum durability and no personnel training requirements.

This raising height won't exceed 9 inches in most cases, keeping the chances of pallet tipping sideways low. As the pallets are identical around the globe, the dimensions of pallet jacks are similar no matter the manufacturer. Usually, they feature two forks of about 7 inches of width, and a length of up to 50 inches. Some pallet types such as the reversible pallets and those that come with deck-boards can't be used with pallet jacks as issues relating to the fork accessibility and the fork raising capabilities arise due to the design. However, the standard pallets that are widely used around the world are perfectly compatible with pallet jacks, making them such a popular choice.

Types of PJs


The manual pallet jack is the most common type as it is the simplest and cheapest. It requires the manual labor of the operator for the pumping action that raises the forks, and also the pulling force of the load through the pumping/steering lever. This type offers good precision as all actions are carried out slowly and carefully, and due to the hands-on participation of the operator in the process, he/she gets a better feel of the weight distribution on the two forks of the tool which is actually a safety factor.

Electric Powered

The electric powered pallet jacks feature almost similar maneuverability and simplicity as the manual ones, but relieve from the need of having to pump and pull the loads with your hands. This means that they can be used for even heavier and/or stacked loads that are too hard to raise and pull, and also on warehouses where the activity is high and continuous so the operators get quickly exhausted due to the constant physical effort. These pallet jacks cost significantly more than the manual ones, but they are still quite cheaper than an electric powered forklift truck. Thanks to their motorized movement system, they can more forward or in reverse at controllable speeds, while there are some extra safety features like emergency stop switches.

Our Parts and Brands

The importance of keeping your pallet jacks in good condition is very high, as these are heavy load carrying tools and every component is directly connected to others. That said, when a mechanical element inside the pallet jack fails, the load distribution and forces applied on the other elements becomes abnormal causing greater wear and tear and even material deformations that can ruin the chassis frame. This basically means that no matter the reliability of pallet jacks in general, an unmaintained tool of this kind can quickly be rendered completely unusable and even unrepairable.

At, you will find pallet jack parts and maintenance kits from renown manufacturers such as Armstrong, Atlas, Baker, Bishamon, Blue Giant, Boman, BT, Caterpillar, Clark, Crown, Dayton, Eagleman, Ecoa, Global, Hu-Lift, Interthor, Jet, King, Lift-Rite, Lo-Jo, Magnum, Marco Tiger, Mighty Lift, Mobile, Multiton, Pallet Mule, Palletmaster, Pramac, Premier, Prime Mover, Rol-Lift, Uline, Ultra, Valu-Jack, and Wesco. We have everything from bearing balls, to chain master links, and sleeve and nut axles. We ensure that all of the pallet jack parts that we resell were made according to the strictest production quality assurance standards, and that their reliability will stand the test of even the most demanding use case scenarios. We don't just rely on the manufacturer's promises, but we actively seek for our customers' feedback which enabled us to choose the best parts throughout the years.

Our Prices and Services

All of our pallet jack parts are covered by our special “lowest price guarantee” meaning that you won't find the same part at a better price anywhere on the internet, and that includes the official manufacturers' retailers who prices may be up to 50% higher. This is achieved thanks to our state of the art logistics processes, our modern ERP warehousing solutions, and the large quantities that we order the parts.

All of them are aftermarket parts coming with a verifiable OEM number, in brand new condition, and stored according to the manufacturer's guidelines and material specifications. This guarantees that all parts coming from our warehouses are in perfect condition, without any signs of moisture, premature decay, or any other kind of defect.

The parts are shipped on the same day as the placement of the order, and thanks to the multiple shipping locations of that are strategically located across the country, you can be certain that your order will reach you as soon as possible. Our automated order pickers and carefully optimized routing and rack placement guarantee that you will enjoy this shipping service as promised.

If you are unsure about the technical specifications of your pallet jacks, the designated maintenance intervals, or the compatibility of the various available parts, we are here to help. Our dedicated parts advisors are experts in the field who have huge parts and products databases containing over twenty million parts at their disposal. They can search and find parts for even the oldest and rarest, most obscure machines out there. Moreover, they can study the official and most up to date technical manuals of each product, and find out all the details about the service guidelines, the manufacturers' suggestions and instructions. This means that we won't just tell you what part is the right one for you, but we can also let you know how to properly fit it in your tool.

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