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Aftermarket vs OEM

Aftermarket vs OEM


When it comes time to make a repair on your vehicle, look into using aftermarket parts instead of parts sourced directly from the manufacturer.

There are a number of benefits of using aftermarket parts on your vehicle.

seat.jpgLower Cost

Aftermarket car parts are generally much more affordable compared to OEM parts.Part of this is because the aftermarket maker doesn’t have a brand name to protect with higher prices.

Improved quality

Aftermarket part manufacturers actually take the original OEM part, reverse engineer it and remove defects which results in an improved version. This is the reason many aftermarket parts have become world class brands i.e they simply perform better than OEM.


In some cases, like suspension parts, an aftermarket part supplier will carry options the dealership parts department won’t have.

Many original equipment front end components like ball joints don’t come equipped with grease nipples

Dealership parts departments don’t often have a strut and spring assembly available, and the components have to be purchased individually, resulting in a higher parts cost and higher labor cost., where most aftermarket options do.

Aftermarket suppliers offer a “quick strut” assembly with the spring and strut together, complete with the mount, which results in less replacement labor and usually lower parts costs.



Because there are many more aftermarket parts suppliers and stores than car dealerships, you can expect that the part you seek will be available from at least one of them.

A dealership is limited on how much stock they can carry, and how much of a high-demand part the auto maker will allot each parts department.

An aftermarket parts supplier isn’t limited in the same way, so often the high-demand part the dealership is out of stock on will be on the shelf at an aftermarket parts supplier.

When it comes to replacement parts for your vehicle, consider all the options. Aftermarket parts are competitively priced, with warranty and quality options you can select for your individual needs.


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