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Cooling System Parts

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Cooling System Parts

In industrial cleaning, the efficiency and lifespan of sweepers and scrubbers are heavily reliant on their cooling systems. These systems, comprising essential cooling parts, are the backbone of machine health, ensuring they operate at optimal temperatures. 

Understanding the nuances of sweeper and scrubber cooling system parts is crucial for maintenance and performance. 

Many brands stand at the forefront, each offering distinct and reliable cooling system solutions. This guide gets into the vital world of cooling system parts, shedding light on their significance in the smooth operation of your indispensable cleaning machinery. 

Understanding Cooling Systems

A cooling system in sweepers and scrubbers is like a big fan that keeps the machine from getting too hot. Just like we need to cool down after running around, these machines must also cool down so they can keep working well. 

There are two main kinds of cooling systems. First, we have air-cooled systems. Think of it like a breeze on a hot day. This system uses air to take away the heat from the machine. It's simple and works much like the fan you might use in your house.

Then, there's the liquid-cooled system. This one uses a special liquid that moves around inside the machine, picks up the heat, and then carries it away.

Key Parts of Cooling Systems

The cooling system in sweepers and scrubbers comprises several important parts, each vital in managing engine temperature. 

These components include the radiator, coolant, water pump, thermostat, cooling fans, hoses and tubes, expansion tank, and, in some models, a heat exchanger or oil cooler. Together, these parts ensure your machine runs efficiently and safely.


The radiator is a crucial part of the cooling system in sweepers and scrubbers. Hot liquid from the engine flows into it, and the radiator helps cool this liquid down. In machines, the radiator ensures the engine doesn't get too hot and stays at a safe working temperature. It's a key player in maintaining the health of your machine.


Coolant is a special liquid that absorbs all the heat from the engine. It's like a heat messenger, picking up heat from the engine and carrying it away to the radiator. 

This liquid is important because it helps control the temperature inside your machine, ensuring it doesn't get too hot or cold. It's essential for the smooth running of sweepers and scrubbers, especially when they're working hard.

Water Pump

The water pump is the part that keeps the coolant moving through the machine. Think of it as the heart of the cooling system. It pumps the coolant from the engine to the radiator and back again. This constant flow is what keeps everything cool. It's essential for the circulation of the coolant, ensuring that every part of the engine gets cooled down.


The thermostat in your machine acts like a temperature monitor. It watches how hot or cold the engine is and tells the cooling system what to do. When the engine gets too hot, the thermostat opens up to let more coolant through to cool it down. 

It's a smart part that helps maintain the perfect working temperature for your machine, ensuring it operates efficiently.

Cooling Fans

Cooling fans are especially important when your sweeper or scrubber isn't moving much. They help pull air through the radiator to cool down the liquid inside. It's like having an extra breeze to help eliminate the heat. These fans are crucial for preventing the machine from overheating, especially in stationary conditions or on hot days.

Hoses and Tubes

Hoses and tubes are the roadways for the coolant in your machine. They guide the coolant to and from the engine, radiator, and the water pump. 

These parts are essential for a well-functioning cooling system as they ensure the coolant flows smoothly and reaches every necessary part of the engine. They're like the veins in our body, carrying important fluids everywhere they need to go.

Expansion Tank

The expansion tank in your machine's cooling system is like a backup storage space. When the coolant gets hot, it expands and needs more room. This tank provides that extra space, preventing any pressure build-up in the system

It's a safeguard to ensure that the system always has the right amount of coolant, keeping everything balanced and functioning properly.

Heat Exchanger/Oil Cooler

Some sweepers and scrubbers have a heat exchanger or oil cooler. This part helps keep the engine oil at a cool temperature, which is important for the engine's health. Think of it as a personal cooler for the engine oil, ensuring it doesn't overheat and stays efficient. 

This component works with the rest of the cooling parts to keep your machine running smoothly and effectively.

Types of Cooling Systems in Sweepers and Scrubbers

Sweepers and scrubbers employ different types of cooling systems, including air-cooled, liquid-cooled, and hybrid systems, each designed to efficiently manage engine temperature for optimal performance.

  • Air-Cooled Systems

Air-cooled systems in sweepers and scrubbers are like a gentle breeze on a sunny day. These systems use the air to cool down the engine directly. They are pretty simple - as the machine works, air moves over the engine, removing the heat. 

You'll often find these systems in smaller or older models. They are like fans that keep the machine cool without needing any special liquid. It's a straightforward way to stop the engine from getting too hot.

  • Liquid-Cooled Systems

Liquid-cooled systems are more like having a cold drink on a hot day. These are common in bigger and newer sweepers and scrubbers. In these systems, a special liquid, or coolant, moves around the engine, picks up the heat, and then carries it to the radiator, where it gets cooled down. 

This system is great for machines that work hard because it can handle a lot of heat. The liquid makes sure the heat gets spread out evenly so the machine stays cool and works well.

  • Hybrid Systems

Some of the smartest sweepers and scrubbers use what's called hybrid systems. It's like having both a fan and a cold drink to cool you down. These systems use a mix of air and liquid to cool the engine. The machine decides which to use based on how hot it is and what it is doing. 

Hybrid systems are great for machines that have to work in different conditions because they can switch between cooling methods. This means the machine always gets cooled just the right amount, no matter what it's doing.

Brand-Specific Systems

Leading brands like ADVANCE, AMERICAN LINC., Clark, FORD, GENERAL MOTOR., and KAWASAKI each bring unique innovations and strengths to their cooling systems, ensuring that their sweepers and scrubbers perform efficiently and withstand the demands of heavy use.


ADVANCE machines have special cooling systems. They focus on ensuring their systems are good at keeping the engine at the right temperature. This helps make their sweepers and scrubbers work better and last longer.


AMERICAN LINC. designs its cooling systems to be very effective and unique. They pay extra attention to how these systems work, ensuring their machines stay cool even during tough jobs.

  • Clark

Clark is known for being innovative with their cooling systems. They always look for new ways to improve these systems, helping their machines stay cool more efficiently.


FORD and GENERAL MOTOR. both aim for efficiency in their cooling systems. They design their sweepers and scrubbers to have systems that keep the engine cool without using too much energy.


KAWASAKI's cooling systems are known for their strength and efficiency. They make sure their systems can handle a lot of work and last a long time, keeping their machines running smoothly.

Maintenance of Cooling System Parts

Regular cooling system maintenance in sweepers and scrubbers is key to keeping them running well for a long time. Here are some tips and things to look out for:

  • Regularly check coolant levels and radiator condition for optimal system health.
  • Monitor for leaks, unusual noises, or overheating as signs of issues.
  • Clean radiators and fans regularly to maintain efficient cooling performance.
  • Replace worn hoses and tubes promptly to prevent coolant leakage.
  • Ensure thermostats and water pumps function correctly for temperature regulation.
  • Use high-quality replacement parts for longevity and reliability.
  • Schedule routine professional inspections for comprehensive system maintenance.


Understanding and maintaining the cooling system in your sweepers and scrubbers is crucial for their long-term performance and reliability. With the right knowledge about cooling parts and how they work together, you can ensure that your machines operate at their best. 

Remember, each component, from hoses to radiators, plays a significant role in the overall efficiency of the cooling system. Regular maintenance and using high-quality cooling system parts are key to preventing breakdowns and costly repairs. 

Whether you're dealing with an ADVANCE model or a KAWASAKI, keeping a close eye on the sweeper and scrubber cooling system parts will lead to smoother operations and prolonged machine life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Important Cooling Parts in Sweepers and Scrubbers?

Key cooling parts include the radiator, coolant, water pump, and thermostat. These components are essential for maintaining the optimal temperature in your machine.

How Often Should I Check the Cooling System in My Sweeper or Scrubber?

It's wise to check the cooling system regularly. Ideally, every few months, ensure all parts function properly and prevent any potential issues.

Can I Use Any Brand of Coolant in My Sweeper or Scrubber?

It's best to use the coolant recommended by the manufacturer. Brands like ADVANCE, AMERICAN LINC., and KAWASAKI specify coolants that are best suited for their machines.

What Are Common Signs of Cooling System Problems in Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers?

Watch for overheating, leaks, or strange noises, as these can indicate problems with cooling system parts.

Why Is It Important to Use High-Quality Sweeper and Scrubber Cooling System Parts?

Using high-quality parts ensures durability and efficiency, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and extending the life of your machine.

How Do Cooling Systems in Brands Like FORD and GENERAL MOTOR. Differ?

Brands like FORD and GENERAL MOTOR. may have unique cooling system designs tailored to their specific machines, emphasizing efficiency and robustness.

Are Liquid-Cooled Systems Better Than Air-Cooled Systems in Sweepers and Scrubbers?

Liquid-cooled systems are generally more efficient, especially for larger machines, but air-cooled systems are simpler and may be sufficient for smaller models.


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