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Electrical System Parts

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Electrical System Parts for Sweepers and Scrubbers


It’s hard to imagine scrubbers and sweepers to run their designed tasks without the help of their electrical system parts. These parts are the components that not only give purpose to all scrubbers in rendering their cleaning abilities, but these parts are important to be at their top condition in order to minimize the costs in running and maintaining the equipment.

There are many brands that offer customers a wide selection of quality electrical system parts for their sweepers and scrubbers. Some of these brands include American Linc, Clark, Clarke, EZ-Go - Cushm, Advance, Ford, General Motor, Kawasaki, Kubota, and Tennant - Cas. Some of the powerful parts you can buy from the Tennant brand include the TENNANT-CASTEX NOBLES ALTERNATOR 361544, the TENNANT-CASTEX NOBLES ALTERNATOR 393209 and the TENNANT-CASTEX NOBLES ALTERNATOR 60559. These alternators are just one variety of the many other electrical parts that compose the fundamentals of a sweeper.

The other electrical system parts you may be able to find in your sweepers should include a power generator or the alternator/dynamo, the batteries, the exhaust sensors, voltage regulator, the brush deck, and the other components found in a sweeper’s electric box assembly. These sub-components inside an electric box assembly include the battery box, the spacer for the batteries, the hose shut-off clamp, and a crimp clamp.

Many brands design their sweepers and scrubbers differently, so these parts may or may be part of the structure of your equipment. Nevertheless, these are the fundamental electrical system parts you have to double-check and fine-tune.

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