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Power Cord Strain Reliefs and Cord Hooks

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The power cord strain reliefs and cord hooks you can find in scrubbers are part of what is called a cable management system in the equipment. This system refers to the way the electrical or optical cable in the machine’s engine is arranged in a way that they won’t hamper in running the scrubber’s operations. Cables can easily become entangled inside the scrubber, making them hard to deal with, and what the power cord strain and cord hooks do in this department is they keep things in order. And when things are in order inside a scrubber, the machine runs more smoothly, effectively and its shelf life is at its longest.

Power cord strain reliefs are specifically mechanical protection for the varying wires, conduits, pneumatic hoses and other composites that could form a sort of spaghetti entanglement inside the scrubber. With the help of these reliefs, the connections of electrical lines are protected from mechanical stress caused by the clamping of various cords into one group. This implies that these reliefs and cord hooks are most important in moving equipment such as scrubbers because they move large distances and could be exposed to a lot of variance in motion.

Fortunately, owners of scrubbers can just go to major international brands when they need replacements of their equipment’s cord strain reliefs and cord hooks. Some of the parts under this category you can find include lower cord wrap hooks, nobles grip cords, cord hooks, and strain reliefs.


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