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Onan Propane Burnisher Parts


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An Onan Propane Burnisher floor cleaner is made up of countless parts that vary depending on the year, model or design of the unit. Some of the most common parts found in such a brand of burnisher include the trademarked engine (usually 14hp), a 24” burnishing path, a battery electric starter, a lightweight aluminum alloy deck, a free-floating spin-on with a 16 gauge steel pad driver, as well as its trademark total-grip adjustable handle assembly.

An Onan propane burnisher has gained the reputation for dry burnishing and restorative burnishing applications. This implies that the equipment is built for both small-scale and large-scale operations, and could expose its mechanical components and parts to wear and tear and rigorous environments that could limit the equipment’s shelf life. To avoid shortening the shelf life of the parts, an operator or owner should check the fuel cylinder of the scrubber for overfill before taking it into full application or even before putting it into storage. It’s also advisable to install its fuel cylinder in the most ventilated place in the location.

Fortunately, when the Onan Propane Burnisher parts need replacements, Onan is ready to supply the public with parts. Some of the most commonly purchased engines from the brand that is under this category would be: engine wires, engine air cleaner elements, engine cool air intake filters, engine oils, engine filters, engine oil cap kits, engine oil drain valves, and engine oil filters. An added bonus is the fact that all these parts are guaranteed to be made of the finest quality materials available today.

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