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Advance Sweepers/Scrubbers

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Advance is a specialized industrial equipment manufacturer based in the USA, with a rich experience that exceeds a century. The company started operations in 1910 and got involved in highly demanding projects such as the B-17 bomber airplane parts construction during the 40's, and the cleaning of the “ground-zero” area in 2001. Always innovating, and always a leader in the implementation of the latest available technologies, Advance plays its own unique role to drive the field forward with impetus.

Nowadays, Advance has completed a merger with the Danish company Nilfisk A/S which is a renown manufacturer of commercial vacuum cleaners, and the Italian Alto group. This made Advance the world's largest manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, as the company employs over 3800 expert professionals, sells its products in over 31 countries through a huge network of over a thousand distributors.

The frontispiece technology of Advance today is the EcoFlexTM system that is a fully fledged energy saving system that is based on versatility, utilization of green energy, and limitation of emissions. Boasting high levels of flexibility that allow Advance's equipment to be used in different use case scenarios with the same operational efficiency, the system lowers the cost and the environmental burden by combining a set of collaborating mechanical elements.

Advance currently offers two sweeper/scrubber models that are both seated, feature the One-Touch TM electronic function controls that offer high levels of ergonomy for the operator, easily accessible mechanical compartments for prompt maintenance and checking activities, and the Clear-View TM design approach that offers a panoramic unobstructed view from the operator's seat.

Advance CS7000 Sweeper/Scrubber


This model is a Hybrid-powered machine that uses a 770ah / 36-volt battery and a 30hp Kubota engine that can burn LPG fuel. This makes up for a combination of 5.4 hours on electric-power operation, and another 15 hours on gas. The sweeping path covered by CS7000 is a comfortable 61-inch wide one, while the scrubbing path is 48-inch wide.

The sound levels of this model are at 72 dBA when on electric power, and 82 dBA when burning gas. Advance engineers have managed to remove almost 98% of the hydraulic elements where most leaks usually occur, so the CS7000 is considered very reliable on that part. Moreover, the unique DustGuard TM system is capturing up to 85% of the airborne dust that is generated by the side broom sweepers using an ultra fine fog of droplets.

Advance 7765 Sweeper/Scrubber


The 7765 is an even more rigid, all-steel construction that features a massive 100-gallon solution tank, and broad 54-inch scrubbing and 60-inch sweeping paths. The gas/LPG range include a 74hp General Motors or a 47hp Mitsubishi. This is a true heavy duty machine that will leave no one disappointed even when used in the toughest cleaning jobs. Although it is quite large and weighs almost two tons, it features a turning radius of only 82-inches and a U-turn aisle width of 120 inches. This makes the 7765 very versatile and flexible, as it is more than capable of moving and cleaning at relatively tight spaces. 

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