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Genie Aerial Lift parts

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Genie Aerial lifts is an American corporation that manufactures aerial work platforms. It is owned by Terex Corporation now, also an American Corporation, a leading aerial lift and material handling manufacturer based in Westport, CT, United States. Genie was formed by Bud Bushnell in 1966 and was an independent company until 2002 until Terex corporation acquired it. Headquarters are currently in Redmond, Washington, United States. Currently, it operates in multiple locations worldwide thanks to Terex global dealers network. There are at least 50 brands marketed under the Terex line covering different industries that include shipping, transportation, refining, construction and infrastructure.

A merge and projects with Terex required consolidation of technologies and people under a single roof. In order to further expand its own company and improve performance, Terex discovered new opportunities in diversification of its products and sales channels globally. Company has streamlined its policy of combining the great resources and high level talent from within their facilities or from the outside market in order to achieve better business performance.

Genie Aerial lifts

Types of Aerial Lifts

Boom Lift

Boom lift is a mounted carrier platform which can be attached to the hydraulic arms. Boom lift is also called “cherry picker” because its first purpose, it was used to pick cherries from the tree. It offers a working space in regularly inaccessible spaces and usually at height. There are primarily used for: painting, construction, electrical installations, piping installations, sand blasting, building maintenance, and any other application where workers and their tools need to get up in the air to perform their work. They come in various sizes, designs and mounting options. Usually, they are supported by motorized base giving them more flexibility. A bucket or platform is usually attached at the fore end of the hydraulic boom arms where a person can stand and work, while being effectively able to control the lateral and vertical movements of the bucket, with the help of adjustor mechanism for adjusting the position of hydraulic arms.

cherry picker

Genie currently offers Articulating Booms powered by electric engine or Bi-Energy engine and Telescopic Booms with dual fuel (Gas or LPG) engines.

Scissor Lift

Another kind of lift platform is Scissor Lift. A scissor lift is a type of platform that can usually only move vertically. The mechanism to achieve this is the use of linked, folding supports in a "X" pattern. The platform may also have an extension to allow closer access to the work area, because of the limits of vertical-only movement. The vertical movement is achieved by electrically unfolding a criss-cross support system also called a pantograph system. A spacious lateral platform is attached to the fore end of the criss-crossing arms affording larger work space and the unfolding or extension of scissor arms raise it to the required level. Downward movement of the scissor lift can be mechanical, hydraulic or even pneumatic. Like any other material handling machinery, scissor lifts are available in different sizes and capacities suiting the user’s requirements. Their lifting capacity goes from 1000lbs up to 2500lbs. Genie currently offers its GS series of scissor lifts.

scissor lifts

Vertical Mast Lifts

Vertical Mast Lifts are mainly designed for warehousing and stocking material in indoor spaces. Genie currently offers 2 series: Runabout and QuickStock.

vertical masts lifts


Telehandlers are designed for lifting industrial materials mainly on construction sites. Genie currently offers compact and high reach telehandlers with wide range of attachments for them. Available in two models, these telehandlers offer excellent productivity on jobsites ranging from new construction of multi-story buildings to masonry. Powerful features such as four-wheel drive and a turbocharged diesel engine provide reliable performance in the most rugged conditions.


Material Lifts

Material Lifts are also designed for transporting, lifting, and holding heavy loads and materials. Genie currently produces multiple series depending on the different requests from all kinds of businesses. In their product portfolio, they currently offer:

Genie Lift

Super Hoist

Load Lifter

Superlift Contractor

Superlift Advantage

Super Tower

All of the material lifts categories have characteristic features which separate them one from another.

Light Towers

Designed under the Terex brand for lighting needs at construction sites, sports venues and industrial locations: Compact standard and heavy duty and industrial heavy duty light towers.

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