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Komatsu Forklift Parts

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Komatsu Ltd. Or just Komatsu is a Japanese corporation that in its product line has construction, military and mining equipment. Besides those company also produces thermo-electric generators, lasers, press machines, military equipment and other kind of specialized equipment. The corporation was named after the city where it was founded, Komatsu, Ishikawa. Ko matsu on Japanese also means small pine three. When Komatsu Iron Works separated itself from Takeuchi Mining Co. in 1921 to become Komatsu Ltd., the first logo that was chosen to represent the new-born company also symbolized this small pine tree. From when it was founded in 1917. Komatsu Ltd grew rapidly and now consists of 182 companies. Komatsu headquarters are based in 2-3-6, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Komatsu is in the main top of construction equipment and mining equipment production. They are the world’s second manufacturer of specialized equipment, right after Caterpillar. But in some parts of the world, especially in China and Japan, Komatsu has bigger market share than Caterpillar. It has manufacturing plants and operations in Japan, Asia, North and South America and Europe.

komatsu logo

Komatsu Forklifts and Parts

Komatsu Iron Works was founded by Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subsidiary just to make industrial tools for Takeuchi Mining Industry. Expanding their business, Komatsu became large enough to become an independent company in May 1921 as just Komatsu Ltd.

The first product from them as independent company was the agricultural tractor in 1931. During 1930s, Komatsu was producing military tractors, bulldozers, tanks and other machinery. After the war years, they added regular non-military bulldozers and forklifts to their production portfolio. The first diesel engine was produced by the company in 1949. Strong demand for bulldozers after war years helped Komatsu’s growth because post war reconstruction began in the fifties. Corporate headquarters were moved to Tokyo in 1951. In the fifties the Komatsu had so advanced technologically that all of its machinery models were using Komatsu engines.

In the mid sixties the company changed their president and began exporting its products. In 1967, Komatsu entered USA market directly taking on Caterpillar.

Komatsu and Dresser Industries combined their efforts forming a partnership to make heavy machinery and tractors. This partnership lasted from 1998 to August 1994 when Komatsu bought out Dresser’s share.

In the seventies Komatsu expanded its presence in USA as Komatsu America Corp. During that time, Komatsu expanded itself to Singapore and eventually Australia, in addition to having co-working agreements with technology and diesel engine manufacturing companies in the United States. The company went public in USA, Singapore, Brazil and Australia by the end of 1970s, with their influence continually growing in many countries, including United States, by the end of 1980s.

Komatsu Forklift product line and parts

Consumers can cover all industrial forklift truck requirements indoors and outdoors. For warehouse uses, forklifts are available for loading and unloading, transporting, stacking and picking. Current Komatsu product line can be divided in few subcategories: Internal combustion engine forklift trucks with cushion tires, Internal combustion engine forklift trucks with pneumatic tires, Electric forklift trucks riders and Forklift Narrow Aisle.

komatsu forklift

Internal combustion engine forklift trucks with cushion tires have lifting capacity from 4,000lbs to 6,500lbs and they are powered by LPG.

Internal combustion engine forklift trucks with pneumatic tires and their AX/BX/CX series can lift up to 11000lbs and they are powered by dual fuel system.

Komatsu FH/DX/EX series are powered by diesel engines with lifting capacity up to 11,000lbs for FH series all the way up to 35,000lbs for EX series.

In electric forklift trucks riders there are currently only three products available: AE50 and AM50 series with lifting capacity up to 4,000lbs, and BBX50 series that can lift up 6,500lbs.

Forklift Narrow Aisle series have lifting capacity from 3,000lbs all the way up to 4,500lbs with 36V battery.

Just like the other top companies, Komatsu is also actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Komatsu defines its CSR module as an organization actively responding to the demands and expectations of modern society by means of their core businesses. The company promises to enhance the community’s quality of life by using information and communication technology to enhance energy conservation and productivity. Komatsu have also invested in its people so that it can develop them the “KOMATSU Way”. They also promise to grow with the society by engaging stakeholders in dialogues.

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