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MIB Ordering Information

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There are many different Part Numbers programmed with different software. Please use the following Instructions to order the Proper Part Number.

Identification Step: Determine if the unit is MIB I or MIB II

Does the unit have two Black connectors or one White and one Black?


                                MIB I                                                                             MIB II 

If unit is an MIB II, complete MIB II Step Only.

If Unit is an MIB I, complete All Sections within the MIB I Step

MIB II Step: Follow this Step for MIB II Only

A. Document the Part Number from the Unit Label, the First 4 digits of the Vehicle Serial Number and the Vehicle Model Number.

The Part Number should be one of the following five Numbers:

> 8508204Unit Label

> 8514055

> 8515020

> 8516403 Vehicle Model Number

> 8516738 Part Number Vehicle Serial #

MIB I Step: Follow this Step for MIB I Only

A. Document the “VER” Number from the Unit Label, sometimes the number will be preceded by a “C” i.e. C101, and should be a 3 digit number. The Software Version, “VER”, can usually be found on one of two labels.

Ver Number

Verify the Software version by turning on the Key Switch and pressing button “C” or “D” on the Control Unit. It will display a “C” along with the three digit “VER” Number. (This step is Very Important. It’s possible the case was changed for some reason. So the label may not be correct.)

Three Digit VerButton C and D

B. Document the Part Number and/or Model Number from the Unit Label, there may be two labels, as shown below.

Unit Label

This number may match the Software Version, “VER”, at the end of the Part or Model Number, but not always. Notice how one label above does and one doesn’t. If possible, get the P/N and Model Number from both labels.

Document the full Vehicle Model Number

D. Document the Vehicle Function Value Code. This is a two digit number. By supplying this number, Sourcefy can pre-program the controller for your vehicle. You will still need to Calibrate the Traction and Hydraulic pots. With the Key Switch ON, Press button “A” or “B” on the Unit. The center two digits is the Vehicle Function Value Code. See Below.

Value Code

Software Version                                                                                             VER Part Number

Vehicle Model                                                                                                      Function Value Code

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