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PowerBoss Sweeper and Scrubber

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PowerBoss has been manufacturing industrial cleaning equipment for over three decades now, specializing in vacuums, sweepers and scrubbers. Based in North Carolina, the company offers highly innovative solutions for industrial application that boast pioneering technologies such as the “Aqua-Stop” system, reliable gel batteries of high capacity, on-board fast chargers, and ergonomic controls. All PowerBoss equipment is built according to the stringent production quality assurance standards in the industry, ensuring the lowest possible defect rates and seamless operation for many years to come.

Environmental consciousness led PowerBoss to the development of advanced water conservation systems, lower chemical reliance, lower emissions, and little energy consumption. The “Aqua-Stop” in particular is a top-notch system that manages to save up to 50% of the water and chemical cleaning agents needed by other sweepers made by competitors. This is achieved by the clever positioning and operation of the water nozzles that keeps the jetting inside the brush instead of around it like it's done in other implementations. Not only does this save from unnecessary wastage, but it also provides higher levels of cleaning performance allowing full cleaning with one pass.

PowerBoss offers six different models of combined sweeper/scrubber to cover every possible need.

PowerBoss Nautilus Hi-Dump Sweeper ScrubberNautilus Hi-Dump

The Kubota-powered Nautilus provides a solid cleaning solution for demanding applications. This model offers a 60-inch high dump featuring two lift arm assemblies that utilize their own dedicated cylinder and safety tube. All of its critical components are made out of stainless steel, ensuring corrosion-free operation. The Nautilus can hold enough water for multi-hour continuous operation while its 11,500 RPM hydraulic vacuum offer immediate drying.

PowerBoss Monitor 82 Sweeper ScrubberMonitor 82 and 90

The Monitor 82 is an entry model that can adequately serve the cleaning needs of relatively smaller areas and offer higher levels of maneuverability. The brush RPM is 300 while the cleaning width reaches 42 inches. The Monitor 90 comes with a larger cleaning brush that covers a width of 48”. Both are fully steel constructed, while their polymer tanks are rust-free and easy to fill.

Commander C82, T82, T90, and C90

PowerBoss Commander T90 Sweeper Scrubber

The Commander series is a more premium solution for those who want a reliable sweeper/scrubber with some level of valve automation and operator comfort. The C82 offers a cleaning width of 54” at 250 RPM, while the C90 covers 48 inches of width at the same brush rotation speed. The T90 takes the performance one step further with its 60-inch cleaning width, 257-liter solution tank, and a 246-liter reco very tank. All Commander models feature a hydraulically powered impeller for excellent water pick up.

PowerBoss Admiral 48 Sweeper Scrubber

Admiral 35 40 and 48

The Admiral series is the most basic, yet powerful enough sweeper/scrubber series from PowerBoss. They are comfortable and safe to operate, feature unmatched maneuverability, and reliable operation. The 1-hp Admiral 35 model covers 35 inches of width at a speed of 4 miles per hour, while the 3.2-hp Admiral 40 covers 55 inches at the same speed. The tank capacity of the Admiral 40 and 48 is 310 liters, allowing for seamless multi-hour operation.

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