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TCM Forklift Parts

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It was back in 1949 when Toyo Carriers Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the predecessor of UniCarriers Corporation, manufactured the first internal combustion engine forklift truck made in Japan. That first forklift had almost the same features as the forklifts we see today. Those features are hydraulic system for lifting and lowering, rear steering and lifting lever positioned on the right side of driver’s seat. That was the beginning of TCM, the acronym of Toyo Carriers Manufacturing.

From then, the company expanded, both production and sales in the global market as well as increasing market share in Japan where it was founded. Currently, they are present in more than 30 European countries and 79 countries worldwide.

The UniCarriers group has production plants in United States, Japan, Spain and Sweden and their product line includes internal combustion engine forklifts and electric counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks and wide range of logistics product. With that said, they are focused on a wide range of products instead focusing on a single type. Now, TCM has been a brand highly recognized in the material handling industry all over the world.

TCM Lift Parts

TCM lift trucks is a brand of material managing forklifts that is a part of Unicarriers Corporation with its headquarters located in Japan in Tokyo. Over the years, the company went through number of changes and the last significant one occurred in 2012 in cooperation Nisan Forklift Co. This cooperation made the transition and establishment of UniCarriers corporation easier.

The TCM forklift trucks have gained much reputation, before and now produced by UniCarriers, among users in various sectors, specifically for their reliability and motility.

Currently there are three major shareholders in the company: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Forklift & Engine Turbocharger Holdings, Ltd. holding 65.0% and Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co., Ltd. holding 35.0%, making UniCarriers a sub-subsidiary of MHI.

TCM History

TCM brand was founded in 1947 by Mr. Noburu Niwa and at that time it was called Niwa Maintenance Operation Co. Only two years passed and company changed its name to Toyo Carrier Manufacturing Co. It was the first company in Japan to not only design but manufacture forklift. In 1950 they made their first export. The first export forklift truck was shipped to Taiwan. Six years later TCM designed 3000lbs forklift to help scientific research on Antarctica. In 1983 TCM received a big order of 1000 forklift units from Pentagon USA. In 1993, TCM continued its expansion by creating the first forklift plant operated by a Japanese firm in China. By 1997, Shiga and Ryugasaki Plants were awarded ISO 9001 Certification. In 2005, the same plants received ISO 14001 Certification.

Today TCM is dedicated to building integrated materials handling systems that are the finest in the world. TCM products have an excellent reputation among their users for durability and reliability and simplicity. Rather than stand-alone equipment, TCM is committed to taking a comprehensive, systematic approach to smarter material handling systems and integrated logistics processes.

TCM Forklift product line and parts

Consumers can cover all industrial truck requirements indoors and outdoors. For warehouse uses, forklifts are available for loading and unloading, transporting, stacking and picking. Current TCM product line can be divided in few subcategories: Internal combustion engine forklift trucks, Large-size forklift trucks, Electric counter-balanced forklift trucks, Reach trucks and Pallet trucks and Order pickers.

TCM forklift trucks

Internal combustion engine forklift trucks have lifting capacity from 1.5 ton to 10 tons and can be powered by diesel or gasoline.

Large-size forklift trucks and their FD series can lift up to 30 tons and that series also includes laden container handler.

In Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks there are currently only two products available: FB series with lifting capacity up to 3.5 ton and TX series that can lift up to two tons.

Pallet Trucks series has PT/L/R/M prefix and are able to lift up to two tons of material while Order pickers series start with HO/M/H/C/S and can lift up to a ton of material. The only difference is picking level height.

Working in partnership with its dealer network, this simply reliable approach places TCM as the leading value-driven forklifts brand.

With proper service and periodic maintenance using genuine and readily available forklift parts from Lift Parts Warehouse, you are guaranteed that your TCM forklift trucks continue to provide high performance, thus improving your company's productivity, for years to come. The quality and fit of these parts are totally trustworthy because the company uses the same parts to build its trucks.

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