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Tennant Sweeper-Scrubbers

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Tennant is a US-based company that specializes in the manufacturing of industrial cleaning equipment. The company has a long and rich history that goes back in 1870, and continues through the decades of time with technological innovation being its leading force. Currently, Tennant is a globally recognized designer and manufacturer who offers a wide product range in the field of cleaning. The goal of the company is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by offering highly efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly equipment.

Some of the most key highlights in Tennant's history include the launching of its first ever industrial sweeper to the market in 1947, the introduction of a versatile sweeper/scrubber unit in 1963, the development of the FaST® (Foam Scrubbing Technology) that excels in the cleaning of hard floor surfaces in 2002, the development of the ReadySpace® quick-drying carpet cleaning technology in 2004, the ec-H2O TM system that electrically converts water into an effective green cleaning solution in 2008, and finally the introduction of the revolutionary Orbio® 500-Sc environmentally-friendly cleaning agent in 2012. It is obvious from the above, that Tennant is always actively working towards it main goal, without ever resting on its previous achievements and established reputation.

Tennant M17 sweeper-scrubberM17

Tennant's M17 is a battery-powered sweeper-scrubber that allows operators to capture most of the debris with a single pass, thanks to its dual force sweeping technology. It features two nine-inch brushes that rotate at 500 rpm, a 20-inch scrubber of 315 rpm, and a solution tank of 75 gallons. The battery can last to up to 4.1 hours of continuous operation, depending on the selection. The M17 also uses the ec-H2O TM system that uses about 70% less water.

Tennant M20 sweeper-scrubber


The M20 is an integrated ride-on sweeper-scrubber that can easily maintain high levels of health and safety in your facility while also enhancing its image. It boasts Tennant's FaST®, ec-H2O, and FloorSmart® systems, bringing an all-around solution based on the latest innovative technologies. The cleaning path of the M20 is 56-inch wide, it solution tank is 56 gallons large, and the propelling system is powered by a 50 horsepower gasoline engine that can take the 1.5 ton machine to a max speed of 8 mph. The M20 is also available with a diesel 24.8 hp engine, and can also use LPG. 

Tennant M30 sweeper-scrubber


The M30 is the largest of Tennant's sweeper-scrubber M series of products. It features the ec-H2O technology, FaST foam activated scrubbing technology, the ES® Extended Scrubbing system, FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system, so it's fully equipped with Tennant's pioneering technologies. Moreover, it is very easy to operate as it offers touch controls that are ergonomically positioned, its machine parts are easy to access and maintain, and its hygienic tanks with variable drain valves allow the easy cleaning and sanitation. The cleaning path of M30 is 64-inch wide and the engine range is the same as in M20. 

Tennant 8300 sweeper-scrubber


The 8300 is a large battery-powered sweeper-scrubber that covers a 64-inch wide cleaning path with a total coverage rate of 59000 square feet per hour. The 8300 uses Tennant's FaST® and ec-H2O technologies, as well as the MaxPro TM system that maintains a consistent downward pressure on the brushes for better results, and the MTS (Multi-Technology Sweeping) system that delivers top-notch sweeping performance. 

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