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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Forklift Alternators



When you notice that your forklift's lighting system, gauges, and instrument panels are malfunctioning, your best shot is to inspect the forklift alternator for a fault. Forklift alternators are vital components of a forklift charging system and provide electricity by converting mechanical energy to electrical energyThe output source of alternators is DC and hence, which ensures the battery charges adequately and gives the engine power to run. 

It also works with the voltage regulators and the battery to provide electricity to parts such as lighting, gauges, etc. Forklift alternators often develop faults as your truck ages, and you will start noticing unusual changes in your truck, such as dimming lights, fluctuating gauges, and whining engine sounds. In extreme cases, the engine might not come up since the battery has not been charging. 

When such happens, you may need to replace the forklift alternators with a better one. However, you only carry on with this by knowing how the alternator operates and where to get the best ones. 

At Sourcefy, we will provide you with all the needed information in this guide. So, having a great shopping experience is what you should expect.  

How Do Forklift Truck Alternators Work?

New alternator for forklifts



Vehicle engines, including forklifts, provide only mechanical energy but cannot produce electricity. Truck alternators are vital, as they help provide electricity by transferring alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). 

The conversion of energy is enabled by the vehicle's battery, regulator, and forklift alternator. As the forklift engine is running, the rotor in the alternator made of a magnet is caused to spin by a pulley belt and generates electricity through electromagnetism. The generated AC (Alternating Current) is then converted to DC (Direct Current) to charge the battery. 




Components Of A Forklift Alternator  

Your alternator is made of a few parts that help it generate electricity efficiently while the forklift engine is running. These parts all play a role in the process and include the following; 

  • Rotor: This is a magnet that spins due to the effect of the spin of the pulley on the alternator. It generates the mechanical energy needed in the alternator to be later converted to electrical energy. 

  • Stator: This part of an alternator nest the rotor and is made of copper wires winding around the rotor. It is crucial in initiating an electromagnetic field in the alternator. 

  • Diode: This converts AC to DC, which charges your vehicle’s battery.

  • Voltage Regulator: This device helps to regulate the flow of electricity by shutting off power if the voltage goes beyond a certain level. 

To better understand how these components are positioned, here is a schematic diagram of the mechanics of forklift alternator wiring. 

You do not need to bother yourself about these components if you are not a professional since they will be included in our recommended forklift alternators


Full Diagram of a forklift alternator wiring systems



Do Forklift Alternators Replace Chargers?

Although these devices can charge a battery, they cannot replace an automobile’s custom charging system. Firstly, it is vital to know that alternators can only charge weak batteries but can do little or no help with a dead battery. 

Your forklift batteries get full at a certain level, i.e., 36 or 48 volts. If the voltage drops down by even less than 20% sometimes, the alternator might not be able to charge it. Forklift alternators act more like a backup for your battery charger than a replacement, so you should ensure both works fine before operating your forklift. 

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Forklift Alternator?

Signs that indicates a bad forklift alternator


Truck Alternators can also develop faults and wear out with time, but you must ensure the damage does not go unnoticed when it happens. Here are some common signs to tell if an alternator is faulty; 

Battery Require Frequent Boosting

Forklift alternator charging its battery



If your battery needs constant boosting, it is likely due to the forklift alternator’s inefficiency. These constant boosting problems are often rooted in one of the alternator’s components and indicate that the alternator likely needs a replacement or repair.

However, you can check the voltage regulator and the charge level with a tester to see if the forklift alternator is not supplying enough current to the battery. You also should know that a bad battery might require frequent boosting and a replacement. 

Vehicle Stalls

Although other causes are associated with a forklift stalling, poor electricity from the forklift’s alternator is one of them. When the electricity supply from the alternator is bad, the battery will be unable to produce enough power to keep up with the forklift’s operation, and hence, it starts stalling. 

Dim Lights

Dim lights on your dashboard are mostly related to problems with the forklift alternator. This is a common way of detecting alternator problems, although it is crucial to inspect and confirm from an expert if this is the case with your vehicle. 

Slow Electrical Components

Faulty alternators can lead to the delayed performance of electrical accessories in your vehicles, such as dashboard lights, horns, valves, etc. As you know, this will significantly affect the efficiency of the vehicle and might become frustrating if not checked. 

What You Should Know About Troubleshooting Alternators

A forklift alternator not charging its battery can result in other problems. Therefore, you must troubleshoot the alternator once you detect a problem. Other problems associated with a battery not charging include bad terminals, poor connection, and problems with the belts/pulley. However, knowing issues that can prevent the alternator’s optimum performance is vital during troubleshooting. 

Another problem in this system is overcharging. This issue does not only happen with difficulties from the rotors or regulators, even though it can be the case. A poor battery condition can also lead to overcharging, and this is especially common when the forklift truck battery is old. 

So, you must check other parts before making a judgment about whether or not the forklift alternator is bad. 

What To Consider When Buying A Forklift Alternator

If you want to replace your forklift alternator, here are some tips you should keep in mind; 

  • Ensure to get the part number of your forklift’s alternator. The supplier will ask for this information. It also ensures that you buy an alternator that fits into your vehicle. To give you an idea of how the alternator of your forklift would look, here are the pictures of forklift alternators for common brands: 


A new Nissan Forklift alternator

Best deals with Toyota forklift alternator



New Mitsubishi Forklift Alternators


 Forklift Alternators for Yale



  • Choosing an alternator with a higher amperage is advisable rather than a lower one from the old alternator you are replacing. 

  • The size and fit of the alternator are essential when replacing this part. High-output alternators are larger; keep this in mind if you have to replace your standard-sized alternator. 

  • Also, the pulley size is another factor you should consider, as it significantly affects the alternator’s output. So, you should check the diameter of your pulley before purchasing a forklift alternator. 


Why Choose Sourcefy to Buy Forklift Alternators?

Considering all that we discussed, you will agree that making the correct forklift alternator purchase is tricky without a proper guide and recommendation. Soucefy’s online catalog contains durable, powerful alternators for any forklift brand. 

Find products Easily On Our Website

You may be thinking about the potential stress involved in the process. This site provides a stress-free process since all you need to do to enter the part number of the forklift alternator in the search bar, and a list of available alternators will be displayed on your screen. You can then proceed to select your preferred one and checkout. Once you have checked out, the alternator will be packaged for delivery instantly. 

You can always contact us if you experience any issues during the process, and we will be glad to help you. 

Great Prices

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