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Back-Up Alarms


Guide To Buying Quality Backup Alarms



New Forklift Backup Alarm


A forklift backup alarm is essential for the safe operation of a forklift truck. The correct backup alarm is vital to keep your forklift running safely and efficiently. Since backup alarms are intended to be a "safety" product, an OEM should assess the alarm's dependability and construction and ensure it has a narrow decibel tolerance. If the OEM is installing a backup alarm on a moving equipment, the alarm must also meet SAE J994 requirements.

You should search for alarms resistant to dust, moisture, and vibration. A forklift backup alarm might be the key to achieving a zero-accident environment. Accidents involving forklifts and pedestrians are a common concern for operations and safety managers.


New Forklift Backup Alarm


A forklift backup alarm is ideal for warning drivers and pedestrians of impending danger. Regarding safety alarms, you only have two options: typical and smart. Each has advantages and disadvantages. A typical alarm merely sounds anytime the forklift backs up, regardless of whether or not a pedestrian is nearby. If you've used these devices before, you know that no one pays attention at some point. 

Problems with typical alarms are too many false warnings that are simple to dismiss, no tracking of near misses or reporting to management, and there are no warnings to advise operators of the presence of pedestrians.

You require intelligent alarms that only activate when a pedestrian is spotted, alert an operator of close pedestrians using both auditory and visual notifications, and capture data and report near misses to management.

Forklift Backup Alarms


Image of a  Forklift Backup Alarm


Backup alarms, once considered optional equipment, have now become a requirement for moving industrial equipment. They can be found on various vehicles, including emergency and maintenance vehicles, construction and earthmoving equipment, buses, trucks, forklifts, and utility vehicles, to mention a few.


   Emergency Forklift Backup Alarm or reverse alarms

Forklift reverse alarms, sometimes known as reversing beepers, are warning systems installed on automobiles. When a forklift truck reverses or is about to reverse, the sound it emits alerts people. A forklift backup alarm is often an audio buzzer or siren that sounds when a forklift is driven in reverse. 


A beep type of forklift backup alarm

There are different backup alarm sounds available for forklifts. A continuous beep sound is the most prevalent type. It is the most recognized and easily heard sound by surrounding personnel.  Other backup alarm sounds include a two-tone whoop and a quick, high-pitched chirp sound. A forklift backup alarm warns and informs close pedestrians about possible forklift accidents.

How Does a Forklift Backup Alarm Work?


 How Forklift Backup Alarm Bells work



A forklift backup alarm's basic design is straightforward. It comprises a horn or bell positioned on the forklift's back. The horn or bell links to a switch activated when the forklift is reversed. When you press the switch, the forklift's horn or bell will ring, alerting nearby workers of its presence.

A forklift backup alarm, also known as a BU alarm, can be mounted on a forklift to warn a pedestrian nearby while the forklift is in reverse. This forklift backup alarm also helps to avoid pedestrian-forklift collisions if properly placed and maintained. 

Back-up alarms link electronically to the vehicle's reverse signal. They are engaged when the truck shifts into reverse gear, and the sound is produced by sliding a diaphragm at a rate ranging from 700 to 2,800 hertz. That is when you hear the familiar beep-beep-beep sound.

When you turn on the unit, an electronic circuit creates beep tone signals and powers a speaker or horn to provide the distinctive sound of a backup alarm.

When a forklift operator selects reverse gear or direction, a precisely placed alarm or buzzer gets an electrical signal and activates. The alarm will continue to sound until the reverse gear or direction is deactivated.

No matter how competent the forklift operator is, one must rely on someone other than him to blow the horn whenever he turns a corner in reverse.

Some forklift backup alarms are more complex than others. Some models have extra features like flashing lights or sensors that detect close objects.  

Backup alarms protect the operator and pedestrians, resulting in a safer working environment. 

Keep in mind that a forklift backup alarm cannot be activated when the ambient noise level in a region is too high or the physical environment of the work site is too compact. A backup alarm may be inefficient in these cases, and we recommend the Nikki forklift alarm.

Installing a Forklift Backup Alarm

 Follow the steps below when installing a forklift backup alarm;

  • First, determine the sort of alarm you require based on the size and weight of your forklift. 

  • After that, the alarm should then be mounted on the forklift's back. 

  • Check that the mounting bracket is correctly fastened to the forklift's frame. 

  • Finally, connect the power cables to the backup alarm and the power supply.


Watch the video on how to install or replace a forklift backup alarm.

Why Shop Forklift Backup Alarm with Sourcefy?


 Using forklift backup alarm bells in a Toyota truck

The safety of workers using forklifts is of vital significance. Sourcefy is an excellent site to purchase forklift backup alarms, as we offer an extensive range of high-quality goods at affordable prices. Sourcefy is an excellent source for high-quality products at cheap pricing regarding acquiring a backup alarm for your forklift.  Sourcefy is the ideal solution for your forklift safety needs, offering a range of alternatives, skilled installation services, and exceptional customer service.

Here are four reasons you should visit Sourcefy to shop for forklift backup alarms.

High-quality Products

Sourcefy provides high-quality products at an affordable price, ensuring you get the best backup alarm for your forklift. Our backup alarms are built to last and come with a manufacturer's warranty. With Sourcefy, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

Variety of Options

Sourcefy offers many backup alarm options to match each customer's demands. Whether you want a simple alarm with a single tone or something more sophisticated, Sourcefy has an option. You can pick the ideal alarm for the safety requirements of your forklift from an extensive range of wired and wireless alarms.

Excellent Customer Service

Sourcefy is committed to offering excellent customer service. Our professional staff is available to answer any concerns you may have and to offer helpful advice on choosing the best backup alarm for your needs. We are also ready to assist with installation if necessary.


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